Friday, August 05, 2016

10K Training Day 1 Week 1

Today I started 10K training!

I ran a 5K years ago and really wanted to pick it up again. I considered doing another 5K first, but was much more jazzed about the idea of doing a 10K instead. That was all the motivation I needed!

Not that I am even REMOTELY much of a runner. Can't even say I am much of a jogger. 

How do I say this?

I am slow. 


This has nothing to do with my perception of my body or weight or anything. It's just that I run like a winded rhino. 

Like a turtle who took a Valium. 

Like molasses creeping up a frozen hill. 

If I went any slower I'd be going backwards. 

Oops... Sorry.
You get the point. 

I'm working on that. 

I figure I will concentrate on building endurance for a run and then work my way up to focusing on times. I also need to work on form. I mean, I'm no Pheobe from friends, but my form could use a little work. Any tips?

So yeah, I am schlepping my way through this, but at least I am doing it. Pretty happy about that! 

Well, I better go. Need to get dinner made for the fam. Have a lovely day!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

My Childhood Memories

I gotta say. I am finding this challenge a bit more difficult than anticipated! 

This weeks topic is childhood memories. I will talk about 2. 

#1. My earliest memory.

Coming from a Cuban family it's fairly normal to give kids coffee. Yes, I know that people have a major problem with that, but I am not here to debate. I am just relaying my earliest memory. Not hate please. 

Anyway, I remember having a pacifier in my mouth and tottering over to my grandmother who happened to be drinking her espresso. I handed her my pacifier and she dipped it in for me and handed it back. I don't remember anything else, but I do know that my love for coffee runs deep. I have always been a coffee drinker as long as I can remember. 

#2 Being the middle sister = constantly getting stuck in between my sisters when they would fight.

My older sis is 3 years older than me and my little sis is 1 year younger. They got along horribly most of the time. I constantly got sucked into their fights. Mostly because they'd be throwing things at each other and I would get cracked over the head with something. I also told on them A LOT. Yep, I was the Nark. Ugh.... I suppose it's the way I dealt with getting knocked around by them? Lol. 

Ironically enough my sisters are close now. Haha. They would fight like cats & dogs, but have a very close bond now. Figures.

From left to right: My oldest sis D, Me, My mom, and lil sis H. 

From left to right: My older sis D, Me and my lil sis H

From left to right: Me (holding Prissy against her will), My grandma, my lil sis H, my dad and my older sis D

From left to right: My hubby (then boyfriend), Me, my lil sis H and my older sis D

From left to right: My lil sis H and I (we have always been told we look alike)

My older sis with her sweet kids.

Anyway, those are my two offerings for this post. 

Nothing too complicated. LOL. Truth is, it's not my favorite topic. I don't have very many interesting memories from childhood. 

Well, have a lovely day!