Thursday, July 30, 2015

Jewelry In Candles Review

A very nice lady from our church gifted my mother a Jewelry In Candles in the 'Naughty Or Nice?' scent.

Since our dog has been rather stinky lately we decided to burn it in our living room just to test it out. We were also kind of hoping that the jewelry would be towards the top of the candle so that we could open it up and see what it was!!

Lucky for us the jewelry was at the top of the candle!

Below is the video of us opening it up and seeing what was inside.

My  review of this candle is that it is not an especially strong smelling product. The way I see it, if I'm going to light a candle in my house I want it to be very strong. It takes forever for the scent to really be apparent. Unfortunately, that means that we probably won't burn this candle very much. Oh well. It smells nice, but it just doesn't make the impression it probably should for the price.

Thank goodness it was a gift!!

Enjoy the video and the picture of the jewelry we found inside.

Upon further inspection the jewelry is pretty cheap. Which stinks because I thought it would make up for the lack of strong smell in the candle. 


Synergy360 Day 1 (Wk 7 Day 2 @Gym)

Today was a fantastic workout. I headed to the gym thinking that I was going to just do my usual exercises from the past seven weeks and I happened to stop by the front desk and spoke to the new trainer Paula!

If you've watched any of my videos you will notice that I have talked about meeting up with my trainer Heidi for about 2 or 3 weeks now. The only problem was she was never at the gym when I was there. Come to find out she's not coming back to the gym until next summer because she is in school. The new trainer and I decided to go ahead and give a new workout routine a try. 

I'm so happy we did!!! It was wonderful!!!

She had me do the Synergy 360. 

It is a completely different workout from what I was doing before. I'm so happy I gave it a try.

No really! This is EXACTLY what happy looks like! Haha!

I can definitely say that there is so much room for improvement. I was pouring down sweat and was very wobbly during a lot of the exercises. It will be cool to see how I am able to improve in my movements and form. I still want to do weight training, but I'm going to do Synergy 360 till I feel strong enough to take up some serious weight training excersises.

Oh my goodness. I love it!!!!! So excited!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 7 Day 1

So excited to have gotten to week 7!!!

It's been a good day! I reached my goals in daily steps AND active minutes!! 

I am encouraged. Glad to see myself sticking with this!

Have a lovely day!!