Thursday, December 01, 2016

Reflecting on the holiday season.

I absolutely love the holidays. I love the cooking, the opportunities for hosting get-togethers, baking, and of course the eating of the food was baked & cooked! I absolutely love all things culinary and it isn't a surprise that the holidays are one of my favorite times of year. 

Finally got through Thanksgiving and it was great. In the month of November we hosted three thanksgivings and enjoyed one at our church. That was four Thanksgivings this year! Three of which I did quite a bit of cooking for. Good golly it was fun, but exhausting. The first of these Thanksgivings was for our friends. I haven't attended many of these "Friendsgiving" dinners and have never hosted one, so I was pretty excited about the prospect of enjoying time with a few of my favorite people. Unfortunately, not everyone we hoped would come was able to make it, but it was okay. It was a great time and everyone enjoyed bringing their special side dishes and sharing with each other. I can't tell you how much it means to me to be able to invite people into my home.

That's right I'm one of those crazy people that loves having all their friends over ALL THE TIME. Cleaning up afterwards is never fun, but it is so worth it for the fun that we have with friends and family. 

The second Thanksgiving we enjoyed was with our church family. Every year the entire church sits down to a meal in the middle of November. This year was actually the Sunday before Thanksgiving. We actually had planned to host a Thanksgiving dinner for a group the on Wednesday before Thanksgiving so we have a grand total of three full blown Thanksgivings in one week!!! Let me tell you. I was pretty full by the end of it. Not sure that I've recovered yet.

It's safe to say that my appetite has definitely been kind of lacking since then. Almost feels as though my body is trying to apologize for eating so much over the course of that week.

Surely hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving! What did you get to do? Did you overeat? Why am I even asking? Of course you did! Everyone does.

Just wanted to catch everyone up on all on how my holiday has been going so far. It has been absolutely wonderful and so very full of activity! I wouldn't have it any other way.

I have plenty to be thankful for.

Blessings to you all, 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Catching Up

I haven't really been very consistent with blogging lately. Don't know why in the world I am so unmotivated. Let me tell you, I have just not wanted anything to do with sitting down and typing on my computer! 

I started using Jonathan's MacBook last week and I am so happy to find today that it has a dictation feature!! Yes, I have to talk a little more slowly to make sure it catches all of my words, but that is no big deal. I already dictate everything through my phone. It's so nice to know I can do it on the computer as well! 

In this post will catching you up on three things. First off is my diet and exercise routine/progress. The second is church life/ministry and finally is our new step of faith in Elenas education.

First off; 

Gym and eating healthy have been rough. I just haven't stuck to either. 

I started out pretty darn motivated to go to the gym 3 days a week, but it just stopped. I just need to keep doing it and work for the results. I know it's going to take time. I love my alone time. I know that in my life I don't find alone time unless I go to the gym. It definitely is about to be something that I will want more very soon. You'll understand why I think that once you've read about Elena's education.

I enjoyed Paleo. I enjoyed the way I felt when I ate that way. I loved the challenge that it brought me in the kitchen. The only problem with Paleo is everything is much more expensive!!! It stinks that the cheaper foods out there are full of preservatives and therefore are not Paleo friendly. This Fall has been busy and full of expenditures that I think are more important the Paleo diet. Also being that I was the only person in our house eating this way it sometimes felt like it wasn't fully justifiable to continue to eat such a special diet that would cost us extra money. Suffice it to say guilt and lack of motivation stopped me from eating Paleo. Perhaps if I got a job and had surplus income for a specialized diet I'd go for it again. For now however we are eating healthy without having to abide by the guidelines of Paleo or Whole30.


Life in Ministry has been great. Jonathan is able to pour into the youth group a lot more now that we have the children's director to take care of the nursery through fifth grade age group. I am volunteering on both Sundays and Wednesdays with the children and have been enjoying it very much. I teach kindergarten through second graders on Wednesday nights and help Jonathan on Sunday mornings in the children's worship services. 

(yes, it's blurry. That's intentional)

I think I need to find a way to get to Sunday worship services though. Perhaps I need to try and find a way to go to the 8:30 AM service so that I also can feel like I am being "fed". I'm considering switching Sunday school classes too. Plugging in & helping Jonathan with the youth group has brought me to a point where I see a need to continue to connect with the students on a one-on-one level. I host the middle/high school girls bible study and have done a few overnight events with the girls and feel I need to start to pour myself into this particular group a bit more. I will miss my Sunday school class, but I'm wanting to be obedient in responding to what I feel like God is putting on my heart.

(This weekend at The Great Wolf Lodge)


After a great deal of prayer we decided that starting in November, Elena would be homeschooled. No. It's not because I'm mad at them. In fact, I absolutely love this school. I wish she could stay, there are several reasons that I'm not going to get into that have confirmed to us that the decision to pull her out of her school is the best one. When we told her about it a month or so ago she had such a great attitude. She only has three days left of school and still has not become too visibly upset. The friends that she really wants spend time with still see her outside of school so I don't think she will have too many problems with this new transition. I am currently formulating a plan for the next three weeks. Just until our curriculum gets in and we can get started on our books. I did homeschool her in first grade which was fairly easy. She is in fourth grade now however, and academically at a much higher level. I am constantly thinking, "What if I am unqualified to teach her?" The thing is, she needs to be prepared for fifth grade, but I know that will always be concerned no matter what. I know that I need to relax and not be fearful of doing disservice to her in the academic realm. I'm thankful because Jonathan has decided to help me out! He will be her math and Bible teacher. I think he will also help me quite a bit with writing (the grammatical aspect of it). Thank God he is strong academically and always has been. It's the kind thing that will help us form a great team that will educate our child! It definitely sets me at ease knowing that he will help.

Anyway, those were the three things that I wanted to catch you up on. I'm hoping that through the Fall and going into the Winter I will be more motivated to blog. It's nice to read back on old posts and see where I was at certain points in my life. It helps me gain positive perspective to see how God has answered prayers and concerns in my life. 

Hoping you are all well. Talk to you soon!