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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Whole30 Day 24

Day 24

Breakfast: Uncured bacon, Eggs, Halos & Potatoes
Lunch: Halos & Larabar (I was on the go.)
Dinner: Chicken sausage & Guac

It was a good day. My cravings were a bit strong last week, but today was great. I think I am just ready for vacation in 2 weeks. I am also ready to be able to take a tiny break from Whole30 before doing it again in June for 3 weeks. 

Well, that's all. Will keep you posted on how the last few days go for me! My last Whole30 day for this round is May 17th & it's close! Looking forward to it!

Whole30 Day 22 & 23

Day 22

Breakfast: Uncured turkey bacon, soft scrambled eggs & guac
Lunch: Mango with Valentina Fruit Seasoning, Chicken & Avocado
Dinner: Banana, Halos, Guac & Chicken

Day 23

Breakfast: Bacon, Home Fries & Soft scrambled eggs
Lunch: Chicken sausage & Avocado
Dinner: Homemade fries (they were awful. Ate just a few.)

Here's to tomorrow!