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Nice & Quiet Vacation!

What a great week! 
Jonathan and I got into the car on Tuesday afternoon and spent the week with his aunt, uncle and tons of assorted family members. It was a great time. I really appreciate them so much. They take such good care of us when we visit! We ate TONS of food, watched plenty of fun movies at the house while laying on the couch, ate some more, enjoyed Megamind at the theater, hung out with Jonathans older brother at Logan's (the steak was wonderful), had Chinese today with some family and overall just had a great time!! I even talked to my mom about flying to WV for a visit with my parents before Christmas! My favorite parts of the week were watching Elena play with plenty of small dogs! She loved those pups! AND finally getting her to eat a vegetables without having to ask. She ate raw spinach 2 days in a row and loved it! WOW! I am blessed to have such great extended family through Jonathan. :)

Visiting them is always really nice.It's refreshing and always need…

Giving Thanks

Thank you Lord:
For my salvation. For each new day with my family. For my marriage. For Jonathan. For my sweet little girl Elena . For my home. For freedom. For the blessed peace I carry in You. For all your mercy. For my friends. For your desire to grow me and make me a better person. For letting me enjoy lazy mornings on the couch with my daughter. For giving me cooking as a hobby. For my pets.
There is so much I could say. Truth is... it's countless what I thank God for. There is so much He has given.
I love you Lord.

Not My Cuban Grandmothers Food!

I ate lunch at my church on Tuesday afternoon with Jonathan and the church staff. They were so sweet to allow Elena and I to eat with them. We had Baked Sweet Ham, Au Gratin Potatoes, Rolls, Green Beans and something I had never seen before, Pineapple Casserole.
Before I start talking about the casserole I want to say this one thing. Elena ate ham!!!! This NEVER happens. She is a very picky eater. It was great to see her eat 4 bites of ham yesterday! I was floored. :) Perhaps she is opening up to different foods? Who knows. I'll just keep putting stuff in front of her and hope she goes for them. Guess it's a good thing Thanksgiving is next week. We can try all sorts of new foods that we don't usually eat then!
Anyway, Pineapple Casserole. 
WOW. Alone it's good, but with Ham it's AMAZING!!!! It's sweet, citrus, salty flavor made my mouth so very happy. I just could not believe what I have been missing all this time! Well, like my title says, this isn't my Cuba…

My pets.

Yup. These are our furry children. :)

Monday Blog Hop


It's coming down in sheets. I can hear it tapping on the window.
Kinda feels like life. It'll be sunny and clear one moment and then the rain starts. It can begin with a slow trickle. Then again, it may start ALL at once. 
Rain tends to remind me of the hard times. It takes me through the moments in my life that were dark and seemingly hopeless. It also reminds me of the glory of God and His ability to be my shield from the affects of the tough times. I tend to think of God as my umbrella. He won't stop the rain. Most times He will let it come. However, He always provides protection from it if I'll just stand under Him. The thing about that is, I have to STAY under that shield/umbrella for it to work. The idea of the umbrella won't keep me from getting drenched. Straying from His shield only opens me up to being affected by the struggles of this life. It makes the worlds hurts real in a way that I am never meant to know. My HOPE comes from knowing that when …

Fun Night @ The Cookie Swap

Tonight I did something that is pretty out of character for me. I went to a Ladies Cookie Swap at my church and gave my testimony. Generally, I am not much of a public speaker. I get the nerves, stomach knots and nausea. Yup. It's fun. 
It was ok once I got up there. I was really nervous, but God is so good. No one seemed to notice how petrified I was. ;) Well, if you talked to me before or after you did, but during it apparently didn't com across. *sigh of relief*

I shared 3 of my favorite verses.
2 Corinthians 4:18 "We focus our eyes not on what is seen, but what is unseen, for what is seen is temorary, but what is unseen is eternal." (It's my favorite verse for the earliest part of my walk with God because I found myself scared of rejection for my new found faith and also had a hard time letting go of past cares. This really gave me the perspective that I needed in my walk.)
2 Peter 1:5-7 "Now for this very reason also, applying all diligence, in your faith sup…

Down with Wordpress. :( & Friday Blog Hop!

Less that 20 posts into Wordpress I realized that it was a mistake to not just make this blog public instead of creating a new one.
It doesn't support Google Friend Connect! I do all my connecting with other blogs through Google. It's better that I scrap that blog and start over here.
I participated in a few blog hops that I will have to just move to my page. Oh well, I wish I had better sense sooner. :)
All that being said. I am here! Come Follow My Blog! I'll follow you back!