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Friday, December 03, 2010

The Challenge Part 1

My hubby issued me one of the MOST motivating challenges!!!

He asked me about my desire to get some weight off my frame.

He then asked me how much I was looking to lose. I stated, "50 lbs"

He challenged me to lose this in 6 months. That is a healthy 2 lbs per week.

He then threw this AWESOME incentive at me.

"I will take you to Disney World for a vacation if you do it."

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I obviously accepted.

He then took it up a notch.

"If you lose 25 lbs by March 4th, I'll buy you a Kitchen Aid Mixer." -Jonathan


*heart beating*

*getting choked up*


Yep, my life has taken a nice turn.

This will be good!

Day 1 starts tomorrow.

Part 1- December 4th - March 4th : 25 lb goal loss

Part 2- March 4th - June 4th : Total of 50 lb goal loss

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  1. hhmmm.....I will beat you! 40 lbs by March. If I win, I get to go with you ;)


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