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Day 19 – A picture and a letter

Elena,    This photo of you is precious. I have always loved it. It's of you at 6-7 months old with your friend Jeremiah. :) I thought I had lost it a long time ago, but I came across it recently and look at it often. 
   I love you Elena. You have such a sweetness in you. You're in love with life. You drive me crazy and cause me to want to cover you in kisses all at that same time. 
   You are growing so fast. I cannot believe how time has flown. 

   You are SOOO precious. :)
I love you, 

Day 18 – A picture of your biggest insecurity

It's not exactly the easiest thing to admit, but I do fear failure. I don't like to let myself or other people down. So yeah, that's my insecurity.

Day 17 – A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently

My daughter is 3 1/2 years old.
She and I have really bonded lately. We have always been close, but we recently started cooking together. I LOVE teaching my baby girl to cook and bake. It's amazing to see the sense of accomplishment in her beautiful face.

It's impacted me because I feel like it's forged a deeper bond between us. I will always know that I shared my love for cooking with Elena in such a special way from a really early age. It's amazing how much she loves it too. I am blessed.
She is my Little Sous Chef. :)
June 1, 2009 was her first time making anything in the kitchen. :) She had 2 or 3 more experiences in the kitchen since July 2009, but never got into it until July 2010. Here she is baking her 1st cake. She did a lovely job!
A true love for cooking was born! :)

She has a steady hand. :)

She loves to cook. She is happy to provide food for anyone who is hungry. I love it!

Day 16 – A picture of someone who inspires you

Her name is Bonnie. 
She is an inspiration to me for a million different reasons. 
Bonnie has faced a lot of adversity. She has daily taken it with grace. She has shown a profound love for Jesus through it all. I find that to be an invaluable example of how I should be.  She is not a complainer. She is thankful. Bonnie has a heart for edifying others. Even when her life is hard she pours into others as if what she is going through isn't important. I see that she surrenders it all to God and lives life as His vessel of love for people.
Mrs. Bonnie Solid, 
I thank you for the example of a TRUE imitator of Christ Jesus. You amazing me.

My 28th Birthday Date In Photos :)

Yummy Bread! SO GOOD! Olive Oil & Pepper for bread. I enjoyed a lovely salad.  We ordered Spinach & Artichoke Dip. The perfect bite! I ordered Lobster Ravioli! WOOOW! Jonathan had Seafood Linguini. Isn't he handsome? Enjoying my dinner! Jonathans Riccotta Cheesecake! My Chocolate Cake. YUM! Making my birthday wish!

Day 15 – A picture of something you want to do before you die

I want to take a Culinary Tour of Europe before I kick it.
Yep. Pretty fun goal I think. :)

Day 14 – A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without

She makes me love so much more than I ever thought possible. I am full with love. :)

Day 13 – A picture of your favorite band or artist (3 FAVES!)

I just couldn't pick 1. Maroon 5, Train and Coldplay are my faves. ;)

Day 12 – A picture of something you love

I love to create in the kitchen. It doesn't have to be fancy. I just love to feed people. :)