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Day 04 – A picture of your favorite night

I think one of my top favorite nights was the birth of my daughter. It was a wonderful day all together.

I was HUGE.
She was 9 lbs 7 ounces. She was also HUGE.
Our first meeting.
We finally have our 1st moment.
Elena meets her Uncle Daniel.
                Rachel was at our birth. She was the first person outside of Mommy and Daddy to hold Elena. :)

The Birth Story

It all starts on Thursday May 17, 2007 at 2pm in the doctors office for what I expected to just be another appointment of no progress for going into labor. I was 10 days overdue. Jonathan and I were called in from the waiting room by a nurse to get my vitals and to do the baby heart rate test. I was to lay down in a bed and had two monitors strapped to my belly. One checked uterine contractions and activity the other her heart. After 45 minutes and countless attempts to �wake� Elena the doc expressed concern that she just wasn�t as responsive as she would want. At this point she wanted to just check my fluids. We walked back to a room where I had an ultrasound to check amniotic fluid and my diagnosis of 9.8 water levels from the previous Monday were now 3.3 NOT GOOD! The doc told us that we were on our way to hospital to be induced. Jonathan and I were FREAKED OUT! We just didn�t feel ready! It was a tad scary being told that you were going to be sent to have the baby. I was expecting that we�d schedule an induction, but this was not the case. Nervously we drove to our hospital calling family and friends letting them know it was time.We arrived at the hospital at 4pm and checked into our room. I was put into a hospital gown and placed on the same monitors at 4:15pm. While watching Food Network and just chatting Jonathan and I acclimated to the idea that THIS WAS IT! We began to feel more ready than ever! At 7pm a cervical softener was put up near my cervix in hopes that I�d start labor through the night. It was supposed to stay in for 12 hours. When the checked my cervix it was posterior AGAIN which stinks because it had been moved by my nurse midwife the week before. (I was 2cm -2 Station and 50% Effaced) At 8pm I had an IV put in and took a sleeping pill at 10:20pm. I was told that I would want ALL the sleep I could get! Unfortunately the pill had the adverse affect and I was wired! At 4am I began to have consistent contractions that were two minutes apart. They were not so painful that I couldn�t handle them without meds, but this was definitely labor! 7am the nurse took out the cervical softener and I was started on Pitocin at 9am. After a while however the contractions became so painful that I took the Epidural (11:30am). What a RELIEF! People, Epidurals are GREAT! The rest of the labor was not even an after thought. At 12pm my water was artificially broken and the nurse found that there was virtually no water and that Elena had pooped in the womb. She had concerns that Elena would ingest some of it so planned on coming back after a while to do a saline flush to help clean things up and hydrate the baby. (I was 3.5cm) Now here is the fun part! I had to have a catheter!!! Ewww!!! It was weird! I couldn�t walk due to the epidural so it was what needed to be done. Not my choice in how I would have wanted to empty my bladder, but who am I to argue with doctors? I also noticed a funny sort of pressure about this time that felt like I needed to go to the potty. This of course is the babies head, but it felt so weird!! My doc returned at 3pm to check me and was pleasantly surprised to find that I had progressed VERY quickly. (I was 10cm dilated +3 Station and completely Effaced) At this point she told Rachel and Jonathan who were there to support me to grab a leg because it was time for me to push! I couldn�t believe it!! NOW?! I didn�t feel ready! Well, needless to say I pushed. From 3:10pm-4:15ish I pushed with no problem. Time flew and I felt no pain. Just a load of pressure. In between pushes I joked around and chatted. Suddenly the second hour rolled around and I panicked. I suddenly could feel Elena�s head stretching my skin and it burned! I freaked! Was I supposed to be feeling this?! It hurts! I just progressively got more and more distressed! I found myself praying aloud and saying things like, �I can�t do this!!� Thank God that Jonathan and Rachel were there for me. They encouraged me the WHOLE way. My nurse Vivian Alvarez was amazing as well. Tracey our other nurse was awesome! There were a couple of nurses and a doc in there just cheering me on that were sort of unnerving, but needless to say I made it and at 5:21pm Elena was born! After she came out they scooped her away and started to work on getting all the Mecconium (poop) out of her lungs. At 6:35pm she was given all her shots and then at 7pm I was able to breast feed for the first time. It was great! We got to watch her get her first bath at 7:40pm and then were transferred to our recovery room at 8:30ish. We recovered and enjoyed our new baby while I stayed at the hospital 24 hours. Elena had several tests done and lots of pricked heels for blood sugar assessments. She also had a hearing test done that was good on her left ear, but failed on her right. (We are getting her reassessed this week when her pediatrician sees her.) They also tested for Jaundice levels and found nothing. We were discharged from the hospital May 19th at 8pm. 


  1. Awww! I love reading birth stories :) I know how you feel about the whole being sent to the hospital without expecting it thing! Kinda scary!

  2. Awww, I love getting the "refresher" on Elena's birthday!


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