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30 Day Shred Day 17 Level 1

Today was one of those days where you get up and have NOTHING to do and still push a workout to really late.
I was definitely the QUEEN PROCRASTINATOR today.
I had plenty of time to excersise and I waited until 8pm.
I just didn't feel like working out today. I also over snacked. Man. It was a ROUGH day!
I must move on and look towards tomorrow. No point in getting stuck in the bad stuff. Ya know?
Have a great night!

30 Day Shred Day 16 Level 2

Shred was good today. Definitely still a hard workout. I still struggle to stay in plank, but that is good. I've not gotten complacent. The workout is still VERY hard.
Worked out at 2pm and had some friends come over for the evening. Good times.
Hoping to get the Yoga Meltdown DVD in the mail Tuesday or Wednesday.
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30 Day Shred Day 15 Level 2

Todays workout was a bit rough. I just have such a hard time holding the plank pose for 30 seconds at a time. Ugh. It's KILLER. :) I feel like I stopped a lot today. My shoulders were on FIRE, my knees hurt, my arms ached. *sigh*

Gosh Jillian. You make it look so darn easy! :(
Alas, I did not have the best form in my workout today. I was just trying to make it through without dying. :) Obviously, I am alive. So at least I made it. I am a lil dissapointed that I didn't push myself harder today. I have 4 more level 2 workouts before I start level 3. I need to kick it into gear and start work on my form!
After the 30 days are over I will be taking 15 more days to do level 2 and 15 more to do level 3. My hubby and I will hopefully be working out together on this DVD. Either way I am sticking it out though. Level 1 had a lot of jumping that just wracked my knees. This is why I am skipping it. 
I think it will be good for us if we do the DVD. :) Looking forward to it. Hope he will do i…

30 Day Shred Day 14 Level 2

Just finished my 4th level 2 workout. I still VERY MUCH stink at the plank pose. Ugh. It's just so stinking difficult! It KILLS my shoulders. I suppose that is good, but still. ;) I am so whiney right now. HAHA!!

I think that every night before bed I will need to do a plank pose while reading. Yup. That's right. I am giving myself homework. :)
I am nuts.

Weigh Less Wednesdays Feature Debut March 2nd!

I'll be writing a weekly feature on a friends blog every Wednesday starting March 2nd!
 Cents Less Deals:
30 Day Shred Challenge:
Hope that you all are able to stay tuned!
Please follow Cents Less Deals at her page and we'll be seeing you on Weigh Less Wednesdays!!

30 Day Shred Day 13 Level 2

I worked out late!
I ALWAYS regret working out late.
At least I did not skip it. Let me just tell you. I wanted to!!
Anyway, my workout was pretty good. I am still struggling through the plank. It's just brutal on my knees. They hurt really bad right now. Specifically my right knee. :( It's just pounding. Kinda like a hammer hitting a cartoon characters thumb. You know what I mean.

Yup. I am a wimp. LOL.
I asked a friend and totally pliates PRO some tips and she REALLY helped me. Her tips included "With any of plank exercises you'll want to keep your shoulders directly over your hands as much as possible"
Also, "instead of your knees taking a lot of the stress. Also, w/ any planks, you wanna try to keep your body as straight as possible this will also help keep your abs engaged!"
I take that as... KEEP YOUR BUTT DOWN. I tend to stick my tush into the air when plank pose starts to hurt. Well, I have only served to hurt my k…

30 Day Shred Day 12 Level 2!

Todays workout was pretty great!!!
I am really happy with how it is still such a hard workout to do! I started level 2 of (Jillian Michaels-30 Day Shred) yesterday and it is awesome!
I had started to burn out just a little bit on level 1. Don't get me wrong. It was still kicking my butt, but my body was asking for a change! Once I hit level 2 it was EXACTLY what I needed! I am getting a bit of a case of shin splints from one of the cardio segments, but I am ok with it.
I am feeling such a sense of accomplishment from working out each day!
My eating had also taken a HUGE turn and I have cut ALL sugar for the next week. I am also staying away from processed/bleached flour and mayonaise. No white bread or mayo for me! I tend to REALLY crave white bread and mayo with all sorts of sandwich goodness when I am trying to eat well.
Mayonaise is a weakness for me.
Deviled Eggs, Egg Salad, Holindaise, Potato Salad, etc.
*wipes droll from mouth*
Sorry. I was having a momen…

A new fun challenge. NO SUGAR FOR 1 WEEK.

Yup. As if 30 Days of Jillians Michaels (30 Day Shred) isn't enough, I am fasting sugar for a week.
Not sure why I am even doing this, but I really want to. :)
I am just taking it a week at a time.
Who knows.... after the week is out I may just decide to forget it.
I may however love how it's made me feel and try another week.
Not sure how it'll pan out.
So yeah, no sugar for a week.

This should be fun.
I read this and it's given me some encouragement. :)

30 day Shred Day 11

Today was my 1st time completing level 2 of the workout.
It was hard! The excersises are totally different this level! VERY difficult.
I am very happy!
Hoping to see some major improvement in my stamina over the next 9 days!

30 Day Shred Challenge Days 7-10

Days 7 and 8 were spent at my church participating in a youth even my hubby organized. Youth Ministry is something that we have been involved with for a while and I love it.
Day 7:
Day 7's workout was upstairs in a clasroom at our church. I enjoyed that I was able to use the flat screen TV to see Jillian, Anita and Natalie. Really nice! Lol. Gotta get one of those for my room!
The room I was in was directly over the space that the students were in for their large group session, so I tried being quiet when I jumped and moved. I was totally wearing a pair of shoes that were not the best for the workout, so my feet hurt afterward. Ugh. I didn't want to skip it all together. Just wanted to stick to it. Ya know?
Day 8:
The morning of day 8 I woke up with a HORRID cold. I had cold sweats and chills. I am told I had a fever, but never actually took my temp. I went to church that morning and came home soon after. I took a power nap for about 10 minutes at one point in the day. I was hopi…

Friday Blog Hops!

Addiction... to Bath & Body Works

My name is Maria.
I'm a Bath & Body Works addict.
It started rather small.
A coupon here and there.
A sale or two every other month.
I am in that store at least 3-4 times a month.
Coupons, freebies and sale items galore.
I love their candles.
The problem however is that their body sprays are my weakness.
It's bad.

I am having a problem stopping myself from getting new fragrances.
:) lol.
I'm in trouble.
At least it is all aquired free (coupons/exchanges) or REALLY cheap.
That makes it ok right? ;)

Mimi's Cafe

For our Valentines dinner we went to Mimi's Cafe.

It was a family dinner on the 15th. :)
I really enjoyed myself.
French Onion soup is so yummy. I don't eat it often. It was a treat!
I enjoyed an Asparagus Quiche with fresh fruit.
Jonathan ordered Jambalaya.
Elena has some freshly baked wheat bread with fruit and bacon.

It was a lovely evening.
When we got home we made these.
Brownies a la mode!
It was a great Valentines celebration. 

30 Day Shred Days 4-6

I am pretty shocked how sore I was day 4. The work out was tough and functioning through out the day was AWFUL! Oh the pain!
Once I hit day 5 I had NO desire to work out at all. I dragged my feet. This however was not optional for me since I am leading this 30 Day Challenge page and can't flake out cause "I don't wanna". Ya know? I finally worked out at 5:30pm.
Day 5 workout was actually not too bad. I felt really good once I completed it. After the workout I went to church. It was nice to work out earlier in the day. I think it was like 2pm.
So that leave me with todays workout. I did it and felt NO soreness afterward. I excersised at 2:30. I loved it.
I still have trouble getting through the 1st bought of cardio but after that I do great. There is just something about the tail end of the level 1 jumping jacks and jump rope combo that murders my knees. Perhaps a knee brace or two will help me out.
I feel REALLY great though! Looking forward to Day 7 Level 1 tomorrow!!…

28 Day Project Challenge Vlog Style :)

I have been watnting to do some projects through the house for a while now.
I have decided that I am going to list 28 tasks that i will complete in my home over the course of 28 days and I'll vlog about them! I think I'll start officially on Feb 21, 2011!
Anyone want to join me? I got the idea here!

Day 30 – A picture of someone you miss

My mom and dad are by far the two people I miss the most right now. :)

My little girl is growing up!

Recently,Jonathan and I noticed that it was getting more and more difficult to buckle elena into her car seat.
Today, Elena and I went out at bought a cute booster seat at Target!
It's made for children who are 30-100 pounds. She is 43lbs, so I thought it was perfect!
She loves it!
Here she is before.

Here she is after.

Wednesday Blog Hops

vlogging a new adventure! (Tuesday Blog Hop)

I'm am hopefully going to be approved to join this;
Pretty excited!
Here is my first official Vlog Post.

Day 29 – A picture that can always make you smile

 Yup. Elena used to make this face all the time. It's SO cute. This photo always makes me smile. :)

Monday Mingle

Current questions {week of 2/14/11}: 1. What is your favorite ride at an amusement park?
2. Whats the nicest thing you have ever done for someone? 3. What do you like best and least about your life?

30 Day Shred Day 3! HAPPY VALENTINES!

While Jonathan took Elena out to Chuck E Cheeses I enjoyed a nice quiet house to myself and GREAT Day 3 Level 1 workout!
I am really loving Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.
I am grateful that it is only 20 minutes. LOL. It's tough!
I think the hardest part is the cardio. I thought it would be the strenght training, but teh cardio kicks my butt everytime!

I am really feeling my abs are on fire after today. :)
Haha. Yup, I am lovin' this challenge!
If you woudl like to join just stop by our Facebook group and read my post for guidelines. It's open to ALL!!
(this was written by my 3 1/2 yr old)

Look at my cute Valentine from Jonathan and Elena!

Day 28 – A picture of something you’re afraid of

This may come as a shock to some, but I am pretty afraid of knives.
Yeah, I KNOW!
All would say, "Maria, you are a cook. How can you fear knives yet use them all the time?"
Well, when I use them I am usually pushing down nerves and trying to stay focused on the task. I don't like people touching me while I am slicind and dicing. It scares me to possibly cut myself.
Yup, I am creeping myself out just writing this.
Ok. I am done. :)