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Friday, February 25, 2011

30 Day Shred Day 13 Level 2

I worked out late!


I ALWAYS regret working out late.



At least I did not skip it. Let me just tell you. I wanted to!!

Anyway, my workout was pretty good. I am still struggling through the plank. It's just brutal on my knees. They hurt really bad right now. Specifically my right knee. :( It's just pounding. Kinda like a hammer hitting a cartoon characters thumb. You know what I mean.

Yup. I am a wimp. LOL.

I asked a friend and totally pliates PRO some tips and she REALLY helped me. Her tips included "With any of plank exercises you'll want to keep your shoulders directly over your hands as much as possible"

Also, "instead of your knees taking a lot of the stress. Also, w/ any planks, you wanna try to keep your body as straight as possible this will also help keep your abs engaged!"

I take that as... KEEP YOUR BUTT DOWN. I tend to stick my tush into the air when plank pose starts to hurt. Well, I have only served to hurt my knees this way. BAD MARIA! :)

She refered me to this video for my form. Minute 3:00 is where I looked. WOW! Looks hardcore!!

Anyway, I need to get off this computer and get my SHRED on! :)

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