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Thursday, February 17, 2011

30 Day Shred Days 4-6

I am pretty shocked how sore I was day 4. The work out was tough and functioning through out the day was AWFUL! Oh the pain!

Once I hit day 5 I had NO desire to work out at all. I dragged my feet. This however was not optional for me since I am leading this 30 Day Challenge page and can't flake out cause "I don't wanna". Ya know? I finally worked out at 5:30pm.

Day 5 workout was actually not too bad. I felt really good once I completed it. After the workout I went to church. It was nice to work out earlier in the day. I think it was like 2pm.

So that leave me with todays workout. I did it and felt NO soreness afterward. I excersised at 2:30. I loved it.

I still have trouble getting through the 1st bought of cardio but after that I do great. There is just something about the tail end of the level 1 jumping jacks and jump rope combo that murders my knees. Perhaps a knee brace or two will help me out.

I feel REALLY great though! Looking forward to Day 7 Level 1 tomorrow!!!

I'll be remeasuring at weighing in on day 10. Don't think I have dropped weight, but I'll be suprised if I haven't changed in the inches department. :)

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