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Saturday, March 12, 2011

30 Day Shred Day 29 Level 3

Again, I forgot to post after my workout.

It was pretty hard. I had a majorly hard time with the traveling push ups, sumo squat jumps and the shadow boxing with weights.

Yup. I struggled.


I tend to struggle when I work out late. I must workout before 4 pm if I have any hope of putting forth the energy to push myself in my workouts.

It was a good time anyhow. I am just proud that I have stuck to the progrtam this long. 

Feelin' good!

P.S. If you interested in joining me and some great ladies online in our Facebook group you are welcome to! It's Jillian Michaels Challenge: Let Jillian Be Your Trainer. We workout to her DVDs and report back daily! We keep each other motivated and accountable. Please join us!

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