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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Bathroom Drawer Overhaul

Today I opened a drawer in my bathroom today and cringed.

How could I have allowed this to get so bad?!

Hubby has a drawer in bathroom he uses too. Ugh. It was not near as messy as mine, but still WAY to crammed full of stuff he does not need.

Finally, I have a drawer that I rarely use. I usually throw my hair dryer in it. It's the only item that ever leaves the drawer. I figured it was time to do something about that too.

Yes.... those are prenatal vitamins. From my pregnancy with my almost 4 year old daughter.


Here are the drawers now.

1st drawer is now for fragrances. It saves a TON of counter space.

Hubby has a nicely organized drawer now.

I no longer have to dig for my stuff amidst a mess. :)

I am happy.

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  1. Nice Work! I really need to do this too!


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