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Monday, July 25, 2011

Fun Day

Yesterday I took Elena to her 1st pool party! Her friend Sierra turned 3 and she had an Ariel themed bash. It was really cute. :)

Sierras mom is teh thriftiest person I know! She bought a clearance pinata and just decorated it for the party. What a GREAT idea! She made a cute cake that looked the a beach/ocean.

I was so happy to see fresh fruit for the kids to eat too! Elena enjoyed some grapes, watermelon and banana before enjoying a little chocolate ice cream and cheetos. Oh yes, and we can't forget the dark chocolate M&M's she devoured. :)

She definitely LOVED playing in the kiddie pool. I really want to go and get her one. It would give me the opportunity to lay out and get some sun while she plays in the water. This is the one I want to get.

I really hope that I can do it soon. Next week I will be getting my acrylics filled, so I'll have to wait till my next spending bit of spending cash comes in.

Anyway, so Elena went swiming and after the girls went straight to the back porch area to crack open the pinata! Elena would NOT pull the string because she thought it would make a loud sound. Ugh. Oh well, she did get lots of candy though!

After we wrapped it up outside the girls got dressed in dry clothes and it was time for presents!

Here is Sierra opening our gift!

Elena got to watch Sierra while enjoying some yummy candy. She didn't seem to mind not getting presents this way! :)

She really liked the blue lollipop. :)

After most of the guests left Elena and Sierra decided it was time to play dress up.

I busied myself holding the CUTEST baby boy EVER!!!!

Baby Caleb!

Yep. That was the party. I really think Elena has a great time. :)

Well, talk to you all later this week!

In Christ Who Is Worthy,

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