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Sunday, August 21, 2011

A day to really reflect on.

Today was the funeral of a good man I have had the pleasure of knowing through church. Jeff was a great guy! Always smiling, good natured and a big time hugger. :) He will be missed.

The viewing and service that were held for him today were emotionally charged, but also had a great amount of peace attached to them.

I found that the viewing had a lot of smiles and jokes going around about how special this good man was in so many peoples lives. MANY MANY hugs were given to his lovely daughter and wife. I was moved by how everyone encouraged these two wonderful ladies with their love, support and prayer.

It blessed me to see what the Body of Christ could be in times of tragedy like this.

Grieving with HOPE is one of those concepts that you hear about when a fellow Child of God passes into eternity. It was AMAZING however to see it in action right before my eyes. I can't express how much it moved me.

When we sat for the funeral itself I was concerned at 1st about how the dynamic would change, but truthfully it didn't feel very different. It was somber yes, but not quite in the typical depressing way that one would think. It was filled with sadness that everyone would miss Jeff, but it was filled with hope and joy for him being with Jesus. A beautiful poem was read by a sweet girl that was close to Jeff and his family. It touched my heart. The thing that moved me the MOST was the song that his daughter BreeAnne signed for him. She learned ASL in the past few years and has developed so well in how she expresses herself through it. She signed "Butterfly Kisses" as a gift to her dad. WOW. I just couldn't take my eyes off her. It was a beautiful gift to Jeff. I am BEYOND proud of her.

Today was ended with the most wise words by Jeff's wife Beth. She looked me in the eyes, took my hand and said,

"Treasure the little things with (your husband) Jonathan. Every little moment will be what you look back on."

Thank you Beth. I will remember this words. I will hold tight to this wisdom and never let it go.

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