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Friday, September 23, 2011


Life's been good. Busy, but good.

I work about 30 hours a week and love it. I thought that I'd struggle with going back to work. I mean, I knew that I would enjoy my job, but somehow I thought I would be sad because I am no longer a stay at home mom. To be honest, I miss it some, but I REALLY like being able to earn $$ to help pay bills. I also like the friends that I have made. I don't have pics of them all so I'll just mention a few. They have blessed me so much.


Hillary (an old friend)



Jenn & Alix


It's been a blast having a job again. :) Getting a promotion so quickly while working for Mirko was a blessing that I definitely do not take for granted. I am VERY thankful.

I REALLY have a blast making pasta too! Brian (pictured above) started training me a few weeks back. It's a ton of fun!

The food rocks my world too.

I'm not always in the right mood for Carrpaccio, but ours is pretty darn yummy.
I don't typically enjoy a soaked cake, but our Tiramisu is BOSS!

Our crepes are very yummy too.

This is our Salmon Salad. It has mixed greens, 5-6 ounces of grilled salmon and a lemon/olive oil dressing that is tart and yummy with the creamy salmon fillet. *tummy growls*

Pardon the crappy cell phone pic. This is our Pollo Marsalla. WOW! It's so rich and good! :)

This is Apple and Sausage/Sage Ravioli with out Pesto Cream Sauce. I tend to order extra pesto. It's my ALL TIME fave at Mirko.

This is Elenas fave dessert @ Mirko. :) Chocolate Cake!!!!

That's not all the food we have nor does it begin to cover my favorites. I can just save that for another day.

I went to the dentist on Monday morning and had some fillings done. :)


I look a bit silly. I wanted to be sure to get a photo taken before they start running the gas, but she cranked it right away. I was holding my breathe here so that I wouldn't be loopy trying to text this to TwitPic. :)

My mouth still hurts quite a lot from the work they did, but I hope I'll improve soon. I am planning on getting my wisdom teeth removed after taxes come in. OUCH. That is going to be a rough few days I bet.

Hmmmm.... What else shall I write about?

I am not really sure! I'll just talk about random subjects.

OH! How about?

I tried something new!

I have been intending on trying at least one new thing a month. In September I tried this...

Why yes... that IS a burger with a couple of Krisy Kreme Donuts as the buns!

It was a big suprise to both Jonathan and I that we'd ever try something like this. We were out on a date and we decided to split it.

WOAH! It's actually tasty! Funny thing about it is that it's not overly sweet, salty or heavy on my stomach. I was very pleased.

So yeah....

Let's all pause and let you judge my CRAZINESS.



Moving on. :)

Elena is learning to read.

Your Baby Can Read is amazing!

I really like that Elena has developed a real interest in words. It's pretty awesome to watch.

I started her in preschool @ home and my hope is to have her reading by the time she is in Kindergarten. :)

She likes to find odd places to read. We've gotten accustomed to it. She made my heart stop when I caught her like this.

We've also started writing. She does worksheets. It's adorable.

So yeah, we've been doing REALLY well lately. Just have not had time to write. I'll try to get some more posting in soon though.

I better get going. I have to prepare for a meeting at work. :)

Blessings to you!


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