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Monday, October 10, 2011

More Consistent?

Hey everyone! How are you? I am doing well. This morning has been less than stellar though. I started tossing and turning after my hubby abruptly jumped out of bed at about 7:15 or 7:30 and didn't come back. I was so tired however that I did not check. I found out a little after 8 am though.

Our new pup Teddy Bear. Is sick. He puked and pooped in our bed. Poor little guy feels awful. He is currently in his little kennel. Jonathan has much more experience with dogs when they are sick. Thank goodness for him and Google! I would be clueless about how to handle this without them!

Since we have all that "fun" this morning I won't be enjoying sleeping in. Oh well. I will have to catch up later:)

I just uploaded the Blogger App on our ITouch so that I can blog a bit more easily. Will it be more consistent? I am unsure. My lack of blogging has stemmed way more from how tired I am the 2nd half of the week and a lack of incentive to write than that of convenience. Who knows maybe I will blog more frequently at random moments because I won't have to type a ton to find blogger through Explorer on the Internet. I really enjoy Apps so much. What a great idea they are!


I don't know if I mentioned this when Elena turned 4 four months ago and baby fever has hit me pretty bad. Lol. It's not to the point that I have started shopping in the baby clothes section or anything like that. I definitely do notice every baby around me when I am out though! Yeah, it is pitiful.

Anyway, Elena just got up. I better go!


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