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What will January hold for me?

Well, I am starting the 30 Day Shred challenge again. Just wanted a specific goal for the month. 
I am also gearing up for my brother in law getting married in June. :) I am pretty excited!!!!!!!!! Should be AWESOME!
I am celebrating my lovely friends birthday with a few girls next week which will be fun. :)

Most of all though....
I am turning.....

I am pretty excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am hoping to make this the BEST year of my 20's. I am planning on doing something totally different every month of this coming year! I think for my 30th birthday I want to do sometghing really big! Not sure yet what I'd like to do.
I'm calling this Project 29. :)
Any suggestions on things I can do each month?
What should me BIG 30th birthday idea be?