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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Are the dog days over for me?

Lately, I have struggled a bit with feelings of loneliness. It isn't the most comfy thing for me to admit on a public forum such as the Internet, but I hesitate to keep it to myself for fear that I won't open myself to overcoming it. Truth is, I am fairly antisocial. Who am I kidding! I doubt people have a hard time believing it. I am however making strides to change this.

I am purposing to bond myself to other believers that can help my walk with Christ grow stronger. I have a major need for friends that will actively challenge me as a Christian. I don't want to be a passive believer, but someone who is like Jesus. He cared about people, challenged them, treated them with respect and dignity, NEVER compromised and He lead without fear.

Just this week God answered my prayer for a friend. Don't get me wrong, I have wonderful friends, but I have prayed for a few years for a friend close to my age who is a ministers wife, with young children, who has had to step back from ministry since becoming a mom. I have hoped to find someone like this for a very long time. It helps to not feel quite as alone in the stage of my life that I am in when I have someone who is going through it too. Well.... I found her! I am so grateful. I mean, sooooooooo grateful!!!!!!!!! *sigh*

I became a pastors wife 7 years ago. It was quite the wait to find this friend, but God remembered my prayer. :)

I really think that little by little God is starting to ebb my loneliness and fill my heart with a quietly growing encouragement.

This is a good thing.

Thanks for bearing with me. Your prayers are appreciated.


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  1. When I feel the weight of the world resting on my shoulders, I remind myself that because of Christ, I can endure difficult challenges life blesses me with. Without those challenges that tests my personal growth and my spiritual well being, I am not growing closer to Christ, and I am not becoming the Daughter of God that I desire to be.
    You are strong, and you can overcome your personal challenges to be the individual you desire to be in Christ.


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