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Sunday, January 29, 2012

'twas a good day :)

I am aiming at posting once a week. It has been nice to just enjoy writing my thoughts down again. I used to blog so much, but since I made this blog public I have had a lot less to say. Funny how that works.


Today I went to IKEA. It was a lot of fun. I got a few great ideas for ways I want to decorate my home.

I decided that I am going to focus on one room at a time. I am starting small. The room I am working on currently is my guest bathroom. I bought some deep purple rugs at Target. I already have some latte colored towels and a curtain in the same shade. I may pick up some purple towels to mix in for more pop. I am also trying to decide what color to paint the walls. I think I want to install some shelves over the toilet too. I saw some cool ones at IKEA today. On the opposite wall I am thinking of some sort of picture and hooks for towels since I will be removing the rod for the shelves.

It is still coming together. I am just enjoying myself with it. :) I have not really done decorating in my home in the 5 years that we have lived here. I think it's a good time to start.


Well, I am off. I have an awful headache. Have a lovely evening friends!


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