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It's official. I'm tryin' to have a baby.

For almost 5 years I have had the Mirena. I was very happy with it. I didn't have any crazy side effects. The only thing I didn't like about it was that it made it a bit hard to lose weight. Lol. Well, that AND my baking a gazillion cheesecakes. ;)
Anyway, on Thursday morning I got it removed. 
It's gone. 
This of course means that Jonathan and I are trying for a baby. :)
I am VERY excited. 
Elena is very happy too. She wants a sister SOOOOOO badly. We are still working on explaining that we don't pick what sex the baby would be. :) Lol. Yeah, we'll deal with that later if it comes up that we are having a boy, I suppose!
Pregnancy and I didn't really like each other last time around. I hope that it treats me well the 2nd time. For now however I am just focused on getting myself healthy and ready for it. I take Prenatals every morning now. It's been fun. I already feel great. Guess taking a vitamin everyday really does make a HUGE difference. 
We are officiall…

Midnight showings and a lil trail mix.

Last night I made my way to the theater at 9:30pm to stand in what I expected to be a LOOOONG line for The Hunger Games. We arrived at 9:50 and I was very surprised when at 10pm they started letting people in the doors. I am very happy that standing in a line for 2 hours was not a part of my experience. There were only about 4 people in front of us in line too.
It was very fun to see all the girls who were dressed like Effie and Katniss. It was also sweet to see so many younger girls dressed as Prim.

We decided that we'd take some trail mix with us since food is CRAZY expensive. WOW, I won't even go on a tirade about it, but seriously?! *sigh* I digress. :)
I enjoyed the movie a lot. It is as always not exactly what is in the books, but I have gotten to a point that I don't get frustrated about the differences anymore. I may find it sad that certain things were left out, but I leave it alone and just enjoy the movie I am watching. I went with a group and many were very upset …

Feeling soooo much better.

I still sound pretty rough, but the body aches and fatigue have come down significantly. I no longer feel as though I had been hit by a truck. I do however have a pretty nasty cough that hurts my chest. Ugh. I will take that over how I felt Sunday and especially Monday!

Went to the doctor and he told me that I was on the tail end of having the flu. He is having me see if I have developed allergies though. He said I should take Zyrtec for 5 days to see if I still have the drainage. If I still do however, he prescribed me an antibiotic. Hmmm... I feel like a guinea pig. Wish he had just told me to take the antibiotic directly, but I will be patient and just do what he asks. He also gave me a prescription to take a cough syrup with some sort of sleep agent. Last time I took something that was supposed to help me sleep I was WIRED. I will just steer clear of that.

Elena went to the doctor appointment with me. She was so cute. She observed everything the doctor did with such interest. Sh…

Sick Day :(

That is how I feel. I have slept and slept and now I finally feel like my eyes won't close anymore. The rest of me however is achy, heavy and still tired.

Jonathan will probably be taking me to the doctor this afternoon which will be great! I just want to get some meds and kick whatever this is. It's lingered long enough.
(found this funny) lol. Anyway....
Elena has been so sweet. She keeps coming to my room to check on me. She also keeps asking me about wearing her pretty dress and reading about 30 books. Sad thing is; my voice is pretty much wiped out. Maybe I can sign the books? No. That won't work. Lol. I will just let her dress up and play in my makeup a while.

Yep. I guess I will just try to get moving and see how it goes at the doctor today.
Hope everyone is off to a great start on their day! Be blessed!
P.S. 4 days till the midnight showing of Hunger Games!!!!!!!!!

Life. :)

It's been quite good lately. VERY full and busy though.
Got plenty going on at work, church and in life with Elena. 
Let's start with work. 
Food Food Food! (here are some pictures)
I have started working more hours which has been nice. I really like that I am able to help with the financial stuff at home. When I stayed at home full time it was great, but I always felt like I could help somehow. Now that Elena is almost 5 I feel good about working and contributing the the cause of "bill paying". :)
We recently went down from 3 managers to just 2 in our restaurant so the schedule has been a bit more full. I think we have all adjusted and now it's just a matter of seeing how things go from here. :) It's been good though. 
The restaurant is getting busier too which has been great. I get to attend my first tasting with a bride for her wedding. I am kinda excited about it. I remember when I was planning my wedding. I never had it catered, but I remember the rush of all …

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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