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Friday, March 23, 2012

It's official. I'm tryin' to have a baby.

For almost 5 years I have had the Mirena. I was very happy with it. I didn't have any crazy side effects. The only thing I didn't like about it was that it made it a bit hard to lose weight. Lol. Well, that AND my baking a gazillion cheesecakes. ;)

Anyway, on Thursday morning I got it removed. 


It's gone. 

This of course means that Jonathan and I are trying for a baby. :)

I am VERY excited. 

Elena is very happy too. She wants a sister SOOOOOO badly. We are still working on explaining that we don't pick what sex the baby would be. :) Lol. Yeah, we'll deal with that later if it comes up that we are having a boy, I suppose!

Pregnancy and I didn't really like each other last time around. I hope that it treats me well the 2nd time. For now however I am just focused on getting myself healthy and ready for it. I take Prenatals every morning now. It's been fun. I already feel great. Guess taking a vitamin everyday really does make a HUGE difference. 

We are officially TTC (Trying To Conceive)!!!


Have a lovely day!



  1. Yay! So happy for you Maria. Good Luck :)

  2. YAAAAYYY!!!!!!!! oh so exciting!!!! :) :) :)

  3. yippy!!!

    Jesus please let us be pre go buddies please! ( if its your will of course lol )

    sooo excited for you!


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