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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Life. :)

It's been quite good lately. VERY full and busy though.

Got plenty going on at work, church and in life with Elena. 

Let's start with work. 

Food Food Food! (here are some pictures)

I have started working more hours which has been nice. I really like that I am able to help with the financial stuff at home. When I stayed at home full time it was great, but I always felt like I could help somehow. Now that Elena is almost 5 I feel good about working and contributing the the cause of "bill paying". :)

We recently went down from 3 managers to just 2 in our restaurant so the schedule has been a bit more full. I think we have all adjusted and now it's just a matter of seeing how things go from here. :) It's been good though. 

The restaurant is getting busier too which has been great. I get to attend my first tasting with a bride for her wedding. I am kinda excited about it. I remember when I was planning my wedding. I never had it catered, but I remember the rush of all the planning. It's cool to see brides and how they all do things differently for their own special day. :) 

On an off note. I am amazed at some of the cool things that brides are including in their weddings. Makes my wedding seem SUPER traditional. 

Anyway, CHURCH!

It's been great. I have started to plug in to the youth group again which has been wonderful! I was so involved once upon a time and had to back off a good bit when Elena was born. I am now slowly working my way back in. :) 

We are also hosting dinners on Monday nights at our house for the families of our students. :) I LOVE cooking for people and it's been awesome to get to know the parents of the students a bit more.

Ah, let's see.... oh yeah, life at home with Elena. Well, as I already said I am working a lot more so I'm home a lot less, but Elena is GREAT. She is such a big girl. She will be 5 on May 18th. It's crazy. I have a child that is almost 5?! Lol. I am not sure where the time went.

Jonathan has been working very hard at the church as well as taking care of Elena while I work. I am so thankful that he can plan his work schedule around mine. It helps a ton to know that more times than not, he will be taking care of Elena while I am away. 


Well, I better get ready for work. I go in at 4pm and want to get some lunch beforehand. 

Have a blessed day!

Happy St Patty's Day!


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