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Monday, March 19, 2012

Sick Day :(


That is how I feel. I have slept and slept and now I finally feel like my eyes won't close anymore. The rest of me however is achy, heavy and still tired.

Jonathan will probably be taking me to the doctor this afternoon which will be great! I just want to get some meds and kick whatever this is. It's lingered long enough.

(found this funny)
lol. Anyway....

Elena has been so sweet. She keeps coming to my room to check on me. She also keeps asking me about wearing her pretty dress and reading about 30 books. Sad thing is; my voice is pretty much wiped out. Maybe I can sign the books? No. That won't work. Lol. I will just let her dress up and play in my makeup a while.

Yep. I guess I will just try to get moving and see how it goes at the doctor today.

Hope everyone is off to a great start on their day! Be blessed!


P.S. 4 days till the midnight showing of Hunger Games!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hungar games yay!

    and I hope you feel better friend!!

  2. UGH I hate that feeling! Praying you feel better asap...gotta be well for Thurs night, right?! haha :)


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