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Month 1

It's been just about one month since we brought home Allee. (1 DAY OLD) (1 MONTH OLD) Other than being completely exhausting from frequent crying every 2 hours for her bottles it's been great!!
Baby is a BIG eater and loves to cuddle. She hates baths and diaper changes though. Lol. Oh well. :) Can't win them all! Here is the ONLY picture of her not crying during a hair washing. Otherwise, she looks like this after a bath. Elena has been a great big sister! She helps a lot!! (one month old) (3 weeks old) (2 weeks old) (1 week old) (3 days old) She has been a tiny bit jealous the past couple of days. Mostly wanting me to include her in ANY baby talk or special attention she may notice. Otherwise she has been perfect with baby. She changed her sisters diaper for the first time a few days ago. It was sweet that she wanted to give it a try. She has been dead set against changing any diapers. I finally convinced her! She still won't change a poop diaper, but anything will work for me. :…


I just had my baby 2 weeks ago! I posted the birth story on that blog! I will now start posting here again. :)