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Monday, April 29, 2013

Appreciating Friends

I gotta tell ya.... I feel blessed.

I have been noticing that God has consistently encouraged me through friendships. The daily contact with friends has been so great lately! Especially since the majority of my time is spent with a baby. :)

Texting, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter have been great social networking tools. I really like how much contact with other moms it has provided me. It is so cool to good!

I am also blessed that I find myself bonding in friendships that I never expected to ever grow close in. Very cool how God has shown me that I can find so much encouragement in people that I never thought I would.

All this has also challenged me to be a better friend. I have really not done a good job at being the best friend I could be. I want to be more consistent about praying for my friends and being an encouragement. Recently I attended a bible study that had a major sense of community. In the group I was reminded of how important it is for me to pour into others.

I write this all out because I am feeling so very convicted about being inconsistent as a friend. I want to bless others as much as I have felt blessed lately.

Yeah, those are my thoughts. :)


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  1. You are certainly a blessing in my life! And I LOVE the photo in this post of you and Allee napping! So sweet :)


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