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Clean Eating for Newbies

I am starting a new pattern of eating. 
I guess I am just tired of;
Being overweight
Feeling sluggish Feeling guilty about what I am eating Worrying about what kind of example I am to my girls
Anyway, my friends Kat & Morgan are probably the two biggest reasons why I am even interested in eating clean. Seeing the results in their lives is really amazing! I am excited about the future that I will have when eating clean is more of the norm for me. 
During one of Allees night feedings I did some research on clean eating. I came across a few things that will help me out. 
I found this great website called THE GRACIOUS PANTRY!

There is a particular page that includes a List of Shopping for Beginners! I am totally cleaning out my pantry and getting what is on this list. :) 

I thought this was kinda cool too!

(Not sure why the font changes after this point. Just ignore it.)

Anyway, I really do want to stick to eating right. I don't expect it to be 100% of the time, but my hold on food has got …

I am grateful.

Just a quick post! I have got a lot to be thankful for!
I have two beautiful girls and an amazing husband.
Seeing that Elena is now 6 and that Allee has already turned 4 months is both a crazy shock and a blessing! How has time flown by so quickly?! (first haircut) (4 months!!!!) (Kindergarten Graduation)
Jonathan and I celebrated 8 years of marriage last week too. It's been quite a blessing to be this mans wife. :) Thank you Lord for these 3 very special people in my life!

Month 3

Allee's third month was great! Full of a lot of fun and milestones! I thought I found a tooth in her mouth, but it turns out it's a common cyst. Not really sure what her doc said it was called, but false alarm! No tooth! Lol. (9 weeks old) We sold our house a few months back and are staying with a lovely family. The day they were moving things in baby girl wore her first bonnet. Sooooo cute! (10 weeks old) Easter Sunday 2013! (10 weeks old) "Reading" her first book. (10 weeks old) 2 month check up. Shots! (10 weeks old) Her pediatrician is so nice! (10 weeks old) Shots :( (11-12 weeks) (11-12 weeks) Sisters! All of these pics are right at 3 months!