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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Month 3

Allee's third month was great! Full of a lot of fun and milestones!
I thought I found a tooth in her mouth, but it turns out it's a common cyst. Not really sure what her doc said it was called, but false alarm! No tooth! Lol.
(9 weeks old)
We sold our house a few months back and are staying with a lovely family. The day they were moving things in baby girl wore her first bonnet. Sooooo cute!
(10 weeks old)
Easter Sunday 2013!
(10 weeks old)
"Reading" her first book.
(10 weeks old)
2 month check up. Shots!
(10 weeks old)
Her pediatrician is so nice!
(10 weeks old)
Shots :(
(11-12 weeks)
(11-12 weeks)
All of these pics are right at 3 months!
First time in an ExcerSaucer!
First bow!
First time she has enjoyed tummy time!
Holding her bottle for the 1st time.
Yup.... My little girl is growing up!!

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