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A lot has happened in the last 2 1/2 months. The biggest thing however is that my family moved to a different state. 

I became a resident of Georgia in August 2001 until August of 2013. It was a great place to live and I will miss it, but am so blessed to be where I am in West Virginia. 

My hubby got hired at a church here to be a Family Life Minister. It's WONDERFUL! I have loved it so far. The church is great. The people are so loving and concerned for the community. It's refreshing to see that they are so invested in the community as a whole. There is a big focus on giving and investing in missions here at home and outside the U.S. :) The services here are different than back at home, but its been really nice. I am enjoying the change. It challenges me to shake things up in my walk with God. Staying comfortable isn't always the best thing for me. I tend to be apathetic that way. Being here in WV has brought a new vigor to my relationship with Jesus.

The friendships here h…