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6 am. 
It's gotten cold here in WV. It's not a bad thing though. It's a really cool change from weather in GA. It's just beautiful here. :) Outside is about 2 inches of snow on the ground. It's so pretty. :) 
Elena started talking about how much she was wishing for snow. Well, now she gets her wish. :)

Yesterday she played in the leaves with her friend Leah. Here they are on the "stage" I set up for them on the back patio area. It was fun to watch them play through the window.

Elena has adjusted so well to living here. She really has not noticed too much of what we left behind. She just loves it here sooooooo much!! 

We do miss the people back on GA, but we have all adjusted so well to our new home. It's been two and a half wonderful months! 

Allee is doing so well. She is pulling up to standing and now just holds with one hand. She will be standing without support in no time. I am in no hurry to get her walking though. Haha. :)

Elena is plowing through her …