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Sinusitis, Bronchitis & Ear Infections Stink :(

Last week I noticed the Allee was feeling sick. At first we thought was teething related. I called and talked to the pediatrician and that's what she said it should be. Took her to the Dr. a couple of days ago and it turns out she has sinusitis. She is on antibiotics and is much better. I however am not doing well. I went to the doctor yesterday and it turns out I have sinusitis, bronchitis and an ear infection. 
I got cough medicine and took that. I still haven't been able to pick up my antibiotic though. I haven't been sick like this in a long time. It's been at least 15 years I have had your infection. It has definitely taken me down. I am hoping that I am well enough for Allee's birthday party on Saturday. She turns one on Sunday and I would like to make sure that we have a fun celebration.

My 31st birthday is on Wednesday of next week on the 21st. I am sure I will be well by then you just never know.

Well, I am going to get going. Should probably have so…


I am a slacker.
I mean. I guess the biggest reason why I slack off is that no one reads this blog anyway. 
I need to write more though. I enjoy getting my thoughts out on a page. Well, virtual page. 
So.... A lot has happened lately.
Allee has grown so much. She will be 1 year old in 11 days. It's crazy! Where did the time go?! We are having a Minion themed birthday party on the 18th! It will be so fun!

She now walks around like a champ! It's crazy how quickly she went from standing on her own to taking steps! It's been amazing to watch her grow more and more independent. She likes things a certain way and it's cool how it reflects her personality.
I am blessed at how easy she is! Elena and Allee were both very easy babies. Phases of difficulty definitely existed with both, but they basically are both even tempered and content.
Elena and Allee love to play together! It's wonderful how Allee lights up when she sees her big sister. It blesses me so much. I think t…