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Wednesday, January 08, 2014



I am a slacker.

I mean. I guess the biggest reason why I slack off is that no one reads this blog anyway. 


I need to write more though. I enjoy getting my thoughts out on a page. Well, virtual page. 

So.... A lot has happened lately.

Allee has grown so much. She will be 1 year old in 11 days. It's crazy! Where did the time go?! We are having a Minion themed birthday party on the 18th! It will be so fun!

She now walks around like a champ! It's crazy how quickly she went from standing on her own to taking steps! It's been amazing to watch her grow more and more independent. She likes things a certain way and it's cool how it reflects her personality.

I am blessed at how easy she is! Elena and Allee were both very easy babies. Phases of difficulty definitely existed with both, but they basically are both even tempered and content.

Elena and Allee love to play together! It's wonderful how Allee lights up when she sees her big sister. It blesses me so much. I think that the age difference helps that. Elena feels a sense of protectiveness over Allee. Allee just loves to wrestle with Elena and play ALL over her. Haha. It's cute to watch her "pin" Elena down. Elena is always such a good sport.

2013 was a great year. It was a hard year, but it really was great. We moved to a different state, left Jonathans family and our friends, but we LOVE it here! Jonathans new job is wonderful! We really love our church and I have made such wonderful friends! I am so happy with the way life has been lately!

Homeschooling has gone well. I chose My Fathers World curriculum. 1st grade has been fun for Elena. She flies through the work. We have to supplement with School Zone a bit, but overall I am happy with the experience. I think that the course load being as light has actually been great for adjusting us to homeschool life. I feel like more challenging curriculum next year will be great though. Still debating if we will try something else or stick to the same company. I am leaning towards sticking to it though. We have not disliked it or anything. I just want to make sure that Elena is challenged enough in what she learns. My friend Bekah does the same stuff with her son Davey. It's nice to have someone to talk to about it. 

We took a longer break over Christmas, but are in full swing again. It was hard to get Elena re-acclimated to working again. In retrospect, I won't have her take a long break again. :) 

OH! I almost forgot! I gave my testimony at a Cookie Swap that I hosted at church! It was so great!!!! I definitely hope to host another Cookie Swap next year! It was such fun! I made some crafts that I displayed on a table. I then gave them all away. It was cool to see ladies looking under their chairs for the little tags that showed them they won an item!


Allee & Elena enjoyed Christmas! Allee was fascinated by the ripping of paper! 

We also got a cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Misty! She is 3 years old. Jonathans aunt rscued her 2 years ago. When his aunt heard that we might want a cat she instroduced us. Misty is a perfect fit! She is great with the girls and is VERY cuddly!

Follow her on Instagram at Misty_The_Princess
On a final note:

This year also came with some sadness for our family. My brother in law Jason passed away on December 22nd. It was very unexpected. We miss him dearly. Praising God that he was saved. We look forward to seeing him again someday.
He was a quiet and sweet man.

Well, I need to get going. 

God bless everyone!

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