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Red Balloons For Dad

This weekend we held an open house and balloon release in honor of my dad. This was a celebration of his life. We enjoyed good food and the company of family & friends. We also sang his favorite song in our yard before releasing the balloons into the sky. It was an enjoyable time! 

A funny little blip that occurred with the balloons, was that we had blown up 50 the night before and they deflated by the next morning! Below is my mom with a new set of 50 balloons at the grocery store. Dad would have cracked up at our predicament! 

The food was great. People from church contributed! It was so sweet that they did too! It took a lot of pressure off of us trying to figure out what to serve. We are so grateful!!

Below are a few pictures that I snapped from a couple of videos that my friend Bekah took.

Here are the lyrics of his favorite song!

Funeral Services

Yesterday was my father's funeral. It was a beautiful sunny day. Maybe a little under 50° outside. It was held at a Veterans Cemetery in a nice town in West Virginia. A lot of friends & family came. It was a beautiful time. My dad was laid to rest alongside the ashes of his father who also served in the military. Both of their flags were presented to family members. Papaw Keens to my stepbrother Eddie who is also in the military & dads to my mother. Dad was a pastor. He had two Bibles. One who used for studying and the other for personal reading. His study Bible was given to his oldest son Eddie and his personal bible to his oldest daughter Sharon. Four out of the five of us kids were there. My older sister Denise wasn't able to make it from Florida. Dads two children from a previous marriage were also there (Sharon and Eddie). My pastor asked us all to write something about dad. It was to either be a memory or remembrance of him. Each one was read aloud. The last one …


I have felt a lot of things this week. 
Happy. Sad. Hopeful. Greived. 
People from my former and present churches, schools, jobs, and other places I have been in life have reached out to me through texts, emails, calls, posts on IG, Facebook, Twitter, my blog, cards in the mail, etc. It has been so touching to receive so much support!
I feel utterly FULL with encouragement. 
Going to dinner at church was nice because people reached out with so many words of understanding & hugs. 
I appreciate them all so much. 
To all of you,
I have felt the effect of your prayer. I have peace. I am strong through Christ. 
I am making it through this. Thank you Jesus! 
I just want you all to know how thankful I am. Love u all! 
My dad and I at my wedding in May 2005

Saying Goodbye to Dad

One of the things I didn't expect to happen this year was that I would lose my dad. Yesterday at 11:40 PM however, he went to be home with the Lord. It was unexpected. I'm still not sure I believe it.
At 3 PM he went into cardiac arrest. His condition quickly deteriorated after that. The hospital did everything they could to help him. He really had a great doctors and wonderful nurses. I am so thankful for each of them in their efforts . 
It is crazy to think that I was able to be present for his very last moments. I held his hand until he was gone. It was the hardest thing I've ever gone through in my life.
The crazy thing about it is I REALLY FEEL  how God has sustained me. I'm not saying that I feel great. I'm not even saying that I'm fully okay right now. What I am saying is that I have peace. I never expected to feel this way after losing him. I feel as though I can look past a lot of the pain and think about how I have hope. 
Hope that he is with God. 
Hope th…