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Thursday, February 06, 2014


I have felt a lot of things this week. 

Happy. Sad. Hopeful. Greived. 

People from my former and present churches, schools, jobs, and other places I have been in life have reached out to me through texts, emails, calls, posts on IG, Facebook, Twitter, my blog, cards in the mail, etc. It has been so touching to receive so much support!

I feel utterly FULL with encouragement. 

Going to dinner at church was nice because people reached out with so many words of understanding & hugs. 

I appreciate them all so much. 

To all of you,

I have felt the effect of your prayer. I have peace. I am strong through Christ. 

I am making it through this. Thank you Jesus! 

I just want you all to know how thankful I am. Love u all! 


My dad and I at my wedding in May 2005

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  1. What a beautiful picture and what a precious dad died 8 months before I got married so he didn't walk me down the aisle in person, but I felt so strong that day I knew he did in spirit. Blessed be the days you wonder how you got thru something you felt you couldn't, because HE was with you. Time and prayer heals ALL. I'm here to talk anytime.


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