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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Funeral Services

Yesterday was my father's funeral. It was a beautiful sunny day. Maybe a little under 50° outside. It was held at a Veterans Cemetery in a nice town in West Virginia. A lot of friends & family came. It was a beautiful time. My dad was laid to rest alongside the ashes of his father who also served in the military. Both of their flags were presented to family members. Papaw Keens to my stepbrother Eddie who is also in the military & dads to my mother. Dad was a pastor. He had two Bibles. One who used for studying and the other for personal reading. His study Bible was given to his oldest son Eddie and his personal bible to his oldest daughter Sharon. Four out of the five of us kids were there. My older sister Denise wasn't able to make it from Florida. Dads two children from a previous marriage were also there (Sharon and Eddie). My pastor asked us all to write something about dad. It was to either be a memory or remembrance of him. Each one was read aloud. The last one was one written by my mother. It was a beautiful service. I really feel like we honored him the way he would've wanted.

God is good. Being with family was a great comfort. I am glad that the service went the way it did. It was perfect.

The sibs! 

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