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Wordless Wednesday

Since my dad passed away in January, I have reflected on this a lot.

Drop 10 & Lent

I'm going to do this backwards. I know that in the title it says Drop 10 & Lent, but I'll talk about Lent 1st.
For Lent I am fasting sugar. It's been hard. It's not the idea of not eating sweets that bothers me. It's just "that moment" when I am about to choose to eat sugar and it dawns on me that I can't have any because I am fasting it. I mean, it's crazy how I can forget this over and over and over again! 
Ultimately, Lent is supposed to be a situation that keeps pulling me back toward praying to God. Every time I find myself having a craving for the thing that I'm fasting from, I pray. I stop and reflect. It's a process that pulls me closer to God. I guess sometimes as a human being I need something that will force me to put my eyes back on God.  It's beginning to have an effect! 
I haven't done Lent for a couple of years. I'm appreciating it more because it feels new. I live in a new place. I have new friends. The temptat…