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It's Time.

Tonight I went to the park with my two fit friends.
Cue the violins. 
It was a bit embarassing to say the least. I couldn't even keep up. 
Is that ok?!
Yeah. It actually is. 
Here is why. It's ok because I have to start somewhere. It's time to face my insecurity and lack of motivation. It's important that I do this in front of others. 
I am out of shape and now people know. 
It will get better. I know this. 
It's just hard to face. It's beyond hard to feel the sense of failure and frustration stemming from allowing myself to become so sluggish. 
I am not going to wallow. 
I am going to MOVE. 
The line has been drawn in the sand. 
It's time. 


Spring has been so beautiful. It has been nice to get outside and enjoy all the flowers in bloom. The downside however has been all of the pollen.
For the first time I am taking Zyrtec every day. I have never experienced allergies before. It's rough! Both Elena and Allee were also prescribed a daily dose of Zyrtec. Our pediatrician told us that this spring was expected to be quick blooming and very intense for allergies. Both the girls feel so much better now!
Easter was great. We had a very nice cantata last Sunday and a good service this Sunday to celebrate. It's been nice to be a part of this church. I was able to do the children's moment at the beginning of our service. During the church greeting all the kids sit on the stage with an adult. That adult presents a small story or object lesson and then prays. 

I used this and explained how Jesus rose from the dead. It was really cute.
During the Easter service I stayed with the kids. There was probably about 15 of them and we…