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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fathers Day

It's been a surprisingly good day. Considering my father passed away six months ago I am not feeling any sense of sadness. I am able to think of him and reflect on fact that he is with God. I find myself feeling more peaceful and happy than anything else. Thinking about how he must be overjoyed in God's presence is a source of comfort I can't even explain. 

Yesterday was 2 years since my grandfather passed on and my grandmother bought some flowers to put by his picture. We talked a lot about how he must be enjoying being in heaven. I think that is very comforting to her since she of course still feels his loss the most. 

I can't imagine losing a spouse, but watching my grandmother and mom grieve for their husbands has been such a great example. Seeing how they cling to the Lord and His word is something that I hope to model for my daughters if I were ever to lose my spouse.

I suppose really what I take away from all of this is that I am thankful no matter what the circumstances. God is good even when times are hard. I am glad for that. 

Anywho, on to a completely different subject.

It is so beautiful outside!!!!

This is a view of the sky from the chair I am sitting while watching Elena "swimming" in our yard. It's perfect outside, not too hot and the bugs are even leaving me alone!

See what I mean by "swimming"? My mother bought this little pool thinking it would be really great for Elena and Allee to wade around in! It's perfect because it doesn't take too much to fill up and I can immediately empty it so that Allee isn't in danger! 

The only downside is that now Elena I
is begging for a large inground pool. It's funny because the pool would never have been on her radar if she didn't have this little pool. Funny what kids get ideas about when they get just a taste of something. Lol. 

She is a great kid. A big pool however is out of the question. I just be too terrified with little Allee walking around one. Perhaps when they're older. 

Well, I better get going. I have a lot to do today before Bible study.

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