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Every once in awhile I think about how time feels like its going by slowly. Then again, I realize that most if the time I feel like it's going by WAY TOO FAST. The latter occurs whilst watching my girls grow or experiencing something fun that always feels like 'it's over way too soon'.Ever feel this way? Like for one moment you think things are just dragging on in your day and the next you realize that time is ZOOMING by?I think about being a kid. How it was "so long ago" that I was in my backyard climbing trees and playing in the mud. I never had responsibilities to worry about. Life was just a trivial thing to me. Now it's filled with watching two little girls grow up before my eyes, managing a household, being a wife that tries to be a blessing to her husband, making sure I'm a hospitable person to those in my church family, reaching out to those who are hurting, keeping in touch with family & friends that have long since stopped being a part o…

First Day Of School! 2nd Grade Edition

My Elena is so big!!!!!She started her 1st day of 2nd grade! Last year she homeschooled. She did well, but I realize now that private school is the way to go for her. She is just so social. Elena thrives in a social environment. I am so very happy for her!! We weren't able to walk her into her class, but dropping her off at carpool was very peaceful. It's funny how as soon as the door to the van opened she couldn't even say 'Bye'. She was 'In the zone!'

I have started Bento Lunches for her. So exciting & fun!! 
I am at the doctors office now. Getting blood work done. I better get going before they call me. 
Blessings to everyone!

Goodbye Pacifier!!

Allee has always used a pacifier. For the last few months however, she has only used one overnight and naps. A couple of weeks ago one of her last two pacifiers had a hole in it. I threw it away. As I did, I turned it to her and said "You have one left. When it gets a whole in it too, you are finished with them."Well guess what? 3 days ago I was putting her into bed & I noticed a whole in it. It was a sad moment. I had to put it in my pocket. The worst part was that she was looking at me with her little mouth open waiting for me to tuck her in with her Pacifier for sleep. It was hard to walk out of that room knowing that she was going to struggle to get to sleep. The crazy thing was, she had no problem. I thought I was home free!!!!!!! No such luck!!!!! The next day, nap time and sleep were very difficult. Lots of crying. Yesterday's nap was okay, but going to bed was awful. She cried for a half hour. No matter what...... I will stick to this. There is no reason why …