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Monday, August 11, 2014

Goodbye Pacifier!!

Allee has always used a pacifier. For the last few months however, she has only used one overnight and naps.

A couple of weeks ago one of her last two pacifiers had a hole in it. I threw it away. As I did, I turned it to her and said "You have one left. When it gets a whole in it too, you are finished with them."

Well guess what? 3 days ago I was putting her into bed & I noticed a whole in it. It was a sad moment. I had to put it in my pocket. The worst part was that she was looking at me with her little mouth open waiting for me to tuck her in with her Pacifier for sleep.

It was hard to walk out of that room knowing that she was going to struggle to get to sleep. The crazy thing was, she had no problem. I thought I was home free!!!!!!! No such luck!!!!! The next day, nap time and sleep were very difficult. Lots of crying. Yesterday's nap was okay, but going to bed was awful. She cried for a half hour.

No matter what...... I will stick to this. There is no reason why I need to go back.

I am sure in about 2 or 3 weeks will get through the tough part and it will all just be a memory.

Wish me luck friends.


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