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Friday, August 29, 2014


Every once in awhile I think about how time feels like its going by slowly. Then again, I realize that most if the time I feel like it's going by WAY TOO FAST. The latter occurs whilst watching my girls grow or experiencing something fun that always feels like 'it's over way too soon'.

Ever feel this way? Like for one moment you think things are just dragging on in your day and the next you realize that time is ZOOMING by?

I think about being a kid. How it was "so long ago" that I was in my backyard climbing trees and playing in the mud. I never had responsibilities to worry about. Life was just a trivial thing to me. Now it's filled with watching two little girls grow up before my eyes, managing a household, being a wife that tries to be a blessing to her husband, making sure I'm a hospitable person to those in my church family, reaching out to those who are hurting, keeping in touch with family & friends that have long since stopped being a part of my daily life.... I could go on, but I think you get the point.

I guess since Elena has gone off to school I have had more time to think. Things fall into perspective with that kind of free time.

It's not that I avoid being a deep thinker or anything. I just don't generally sit around and mull things over. Lately however I have had that feeling that you get around New Years where you realize that time really did fly. You know what I mean? That feeling you get when all of the sudden another year has passed and you say, "Wow! Where did the year go?"

I suppose its a fairly normal thing to experience when the school year starts. Just another confirmation that I did in fact grow up. There's nothing like parenthood to make me truly see how many years have gone by. Haha. :)

Not even really sure where I'm going with this post.

Guess I just had this all stuck in my head and wanted to get it out. :)

Suffice it to say, time has flown by. Right now I am definitely feeling it. Can't believe Elena has been in 2nd grade for 2 weeks already. It really feels like she couldn't possibly be old enough yet. I just had her, right?! Funny how she was a baby and went through the same milestones Allee is reaching now and yet I barely remember them! It's been long enough for me to forget, but still doesn't feel like its been long enough that she should already be a 7 year old.

Ugh. I feel old.

When did this happen? When did I grow up? Lol!!

Ah well.... The fact is that time HAS gone by. A lot of time. Today, more than usual I feel a bit baffled by it.

Thanks for reading my ramblings. I better return to grown up life. Laundry is calling. :) Hope everyone has a blessed day.

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