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October 30th I went to the doctor and was given the diagnosis of hypothyroidism. I'm not thrilled. It means for the rest of my life that I will have a hormone imbalance in my thyroid and we'll have to take a pill. A pill every single day for the rest of my life. Just saying those words makes me cringe. I haven't quite completely let it sink in. I know it's bound to become part of my reality and I will have to get over that. For now however, it ticks me off. I never thought I would have to be bound to medication. Why am I shocked? I have family members that take tons of pills every day. I watch my grandmother take pills every day. Why am I shocked that now I have to take one little pill?Perhaps I'm just being childish. I'm a grown up and I have to accept the realities of life. You know what? I know I will be fine. For right now however I'm just discouraged about it.On the bright side I now will be able to not be so fatigued all the time. My hair probably won…

Trunk or Treat X 2 = Awesome!!

Elena went to 3 different Trunk or Treats this weekend. We also went to a local festival, but left quickly because it was incredibly crowded.The Trunk or Treat tonight was by far my favorite! It started slow, but it had a cake walk, hot dogs, elephant ears and lots of candy. Elena really enjoyed it!

Life Is Good.

It's been so quiet past few weeks. Life has been pretty chill lately. Don't get me wrong, while I love activity I definitely think having some quiet time is nice. It's just been refreshing to have a reprieve from the craziness that life can offer.We're still busy at church and with friends, but it's felt a bit more peaceful. Our new home here in West Virginia has been such a blessing! I feel I have settled iN so easily. Even though we're busier than we were this time last year I find myself not feeling overwhelmed.There are of course the everyday things that bring me to stress points like Alees tantrums and household cleaning, but none of these are really big. It's been nice to feel like God has been working in my life in a positive way lately.I have made some new friends recently that have started to become so meaningful to me. Jonathan & I spend time with friends each week that have like interests too. It's been so enjoyable to do these things on …


It's getting cold here. The trees are different colors and are dropping more & more leaves daily. The roads are already lined with piles of leaves too. I am really enjoying it. It's so beautiful here in WV in the Fall.

Goodbye Chubbs?

This cat is huge. Doesn't exactly make me feel thin myself. Sad part about it is she over eats just as much as I do. We both have to stop.
You've probably guessed that this is another attempt at me trying to lose weight. Hoping this time things stick.
I'll be weighing in soon. I'll post it here and will keep track of my weight loss as I go along.
Here goes nothing.

Learning Something New Today

Dax's Ukulele Lesson -Jesus Loves Me-: