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Friday, October 31, 2014


October 30th I went to the doctor and was given the diagnosis of hypothyroidism. I'm not thrilled. It means for the rest of my life that I will have a hormone imbalance in my thyroid and we'll have to take a pill.

A pill every single day for the rest of my life.

Just saying those words makes me cringe. I haven't quite completely let it sink in. I know it's bound to become part of my reality and I will have to get over that. For now however, it ticks me off. I never thought I would have to be bound to medication. Why am I shocked? I have family members that take tons of pills every day. I watch my grandmother take pills every day. Why am I shocked that now I have to take one little pill?

Perhaps I'm just being childish. I'm a grown up and I have to accept the realities of life.

You know what? I know I will be fine. For right now however I'm just discouraged about it.

On the bright side I now will be able to not be so fatigued all the time. My hair probably won't fall out as badly as it used to and I won't gain weight at a rate that concerns me. All because I now have answers and know that my thyroid is being wacky. There are things that will be helped do to this little pill every day. I just have to concentrate on those.

Until then, I'm left in the wake of knowing that every day that little pink pill and U will meet.

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