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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Life Is Good.

It's been so quiet past few weeks.

Life has been pretty chill lately. 

Don't get me wrong, while I love activity I definitely think having some quiet time is nice. It's just been refreshing to have a reprieve from the craziness that life can offer.

We're still busy at church and with friends, but it's felt a bit more peaceful. Our new home here in West Virginia has been such a blessing! I feel I have settled iN so easily. Even though we're busier than we were this time last year I find myself not feeling overwhelmed.

There are of course the everyday things that bring me to stress points like Alees tantrums and household cleaning, but none of these are really big. It's been nice to feel like God has been working in my life in a positive way lately.

I have made some new friends recently that have started to become so meaningful to me. Jonathan & I spend time with friends each week that have like interests too. It's been so enjoyable to do these things on a social level. We can enjoy common hobbies with others. I feel as though I'm experiencing so much growth here. Like the possibilities are endless with what I can experience and who I can grow to invest in. I'm very thankful. God has shown such faithfulness in unexpected & different ways. It's just been so exciting!

Yesterday my mom and I painted the mantle in our living room. I know it's not a big deal, but I was so excited! It just took me to a place of feelings so thankful that I can share experiences like painting a mantle with her. Since she has moved in it's been fun to explore the possibilities of decorating, cooking and just spend more time together. Not having lived with her since I was 18 years old makes our time spent so much more meaningful!

I will we be posting about the mantal being painted. You'll see pictures of it there soon. :)

Well, I better get going. I still need to add a second coat to the mantle & detail. Hope you all have a blessed day!


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