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Hoping everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!My Thanksgiving was great. I spent most of the day making all the side dishes for our Thanksgiving meal. It definitely was busy for me, but VERY fulfilling! I ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ being in the kitchen! It's so fun to take ideas for dishes and make them into reality!My goal this year was to use no recipes. I did well except for the broccoli salad I made. It was my first time preparing it and I didn't know what it needed. It all tasted so good! My grandmother made the turkey. That was DELICIOUS! I totally forgot to take pictures of everything. That is SO out of character for me. Lol. Oh well. Well, I better get going. I put Allee in bed for nap and better get some stuff done around the house. ...Or I might just nap!


Turns out I have another bout of sinusitis and bronchitis. It stinks. I had spent a couple of nights coughing and thought I was going to go crazy! Thank goodness for modern technology. I went to a quick med place and they gave me a couple of medications. I'm definitely on the upswing now. Not sure what I would have done if I had continued to get worse or didn't get some medication to help.I'll be honest. I'm not the most pleasant sick person. Yep. I said it. I tend to be pretty darn grumpy when I'm sick. I think I might just have to get used to it though. Looks like I'm going to be to "bronchitis and sinusitis lady" every winter. I got this last year and was told to expect that I might just be this way each year.*grumbles*Yippee. Well I better get to bed. I really need rest.

Sick Days

I have been sick. This season's cold has finally hit me. Man oh man it stinks. Last night I coughed pretty much all night and didn't really get any rest. I know, it could be so much worse. Yep. I'm definitely complaining. I should just have a good attitude about it and not say a word. Here I am though. Blogging about it. I suppose it's because I don't want to talk to the rest of the world about it. Not that no one knows, but I tend to feel badly about saying anything. I guess it's because I feel like complaining is one of my biggest flaws. I tend to do it a lot. Even if it's not out loud, my brain is always going on about something.This is bigger than just having a cold. I'm writing because I feel convicted about not being content in all circumstances. It's like the verse in the Bible it says "His grace is sufficient for me". I know that He can be enough to get me through feeling uncomfortable and drained. I just wish that I could live by …


Lately I feel like I have gained a lot of perspective. A couple of things have happened where I have had to do some self examination. While it's not been pleasant it has definitely been beneficial for me.The first is that I have learned that I need to grow in the area of how I present myself to others. I tend to be very blunt, sarcastic and a bit abrasive. I want very much to be more soft spoken and loving toward others in the way that I respond to them. I have never been the "smiley" type. It takes effort for me to put a smile on my face whenever I'm around others. I know this needs to change. NOT for the reason of "keeping up appearances", but for the reason of no longer giving myself an excuse to not actively seeking out being joyful. I suppose I have developed the belief that because I don't tend to be a joyful type that I should really avoid seeking it out. I know God wants me to have the JOY in Him. I know I have not pursued that as I should.I wa…


I recently decided to start taking better care of myself. This is course means I am eating healthier and I'm trying to be more active. This also means that I am failing miserably more than I am successful at it. I know it's because I just started, but it's so discouraging to feel like I can't get a handle on my eating. I feel so bound to food sometimes. I mindlessly eat and can't seem to stop. I don't even make it through whole days without messing up  at least once or twice. I know it's going to take time to build resolve and retrain my mind, but I sure wish it would just happen overnight. It's exhausting to know that I am NOT helping myself. Told you I am sure have very well guest post has been brought on by yet another of these times. I just ate a bunch of Halloween candy and can't believe that I so EASILY gave in to my impulses. It sure does seem as though my resolve is much weaker with that "fun size" bar of chocolate sitting in front…