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I recently decided to start taking better care of myself. This is course means I am eating healthier and I'm trying to be more active. This also means that I am failing miserably more than I am successful at it. I know it's because I just started, but it's so discouraging to feel like I can't get a handle on my eating. I feel so bound to food sometimes. I mindlessly eat and can't seem to stop. I don't even make it through whole days without messing up  at least once or twice. I know it's going to take time to build resolve and retrain my mind, but I sure wish it would just happen overnight. It's exhausting to know that I am NOT helping myself.

Told you I am sure have very well guest post has been brought on by yet another of these times. I just ate a bunch of Halloween candy and can't believe that I so EASILY gave in to my impulses. It sure does seem as though my resolve is much weaker with that "fun size" bar of chocolate sitting in front of me. Man oh man was it yummy. It definitely was enjoyable at the time, but the regret and inevitable stomach ache quickly bring me to my senses.

I have done it again.

This post isn't supposed to be self deprecating. It is supposed to serve as a crucial reminder of how I feel every time I choose my flesh over what I know I'm trying to achieve. Thankfully we live in an age where we can get online and blog about our experiences and times of both regret and happiness. I'm taking advantage of this by writing posts that will help remind me of both my failures and successes. REMINDERS are really what are going to help me get through these periods of uncertainty. The times where I try to talk myself into believing that eating something that I shouldn't is "no big deal". The times were I puzzle over whether or not I should be active or lazy. I'm using these blogs to help motivate me to make choices that are good for me in the long haul. Isn't that after all the whole point of this?

Writing my thoughts and struggles for all the world to see shouldn't just be about the 'world' seeing it, but about how it can impact me when I forget exactly how I feel right now.

Yep. This post about health and losing resolve is a little bit deeper than I planned it would be at first and it's ok. I think I launched into this with a mindless vent of frustration with myself, but I don't think that it will serve the purpose that I hope for it to serve. Complaining about the way I feel is not helping me anymore. Does that mean that I'll still complain at times? Of course. I'm human and will need to vent. I do realize however, that at the end of the day the only thing I need to think about is that it's 'Time to start pushing forward'!

On that note. I'm going to go. Time to start my day. Hope you are all blessed.


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