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Early Mornings

Early mornings all generally start for me with some degree of screaming.Not mine. Allees. Bless her little heart, but Allee sure does know how to startle me right out of a dead sleep. Generally I'm not in the best of moods when it happens either. When I don't just leave her to fall back to sleep on her own I do go into her room and pick her up, just to put her right back in bed after rocking her a bit, but today was different. I took her out into the living room changed her diaper and we put on Disney Channel. Its been awhile since I've done this. takes me back to when I would do this with Elena. Generally I would be bleary eyed and sitting on the couch wrapped in blankets. Not much has changed in that respect. I am pitiful sight. Wrapped in two blankets with my hair plastered to the side of my head. On another note; This weekend we are celebrating Christmas early. We're heading to Georgia on Monday the 22nd and wanted to make sure that we celebrated Christmas before l…

Wisdom Teeth, Sleeplessness and an update on my Thyroid

My wisdom teeth all came out on Thursday morning. Honestly, it was MUCH easier than I expected.You see, I was very scared. Why? Well, I wasn't being put under and there wouldn't be any 'laughing gas'. My dentist only administers a small dose of valium and local anesthetic shots. Typically a sedative never helps me. (Right now is a perfect example. I took a hydrocodone pain reliever before bed for post wisdom teeth pain and I am wired.) It seems that sedatives don't like me. Anyway, knowing that I'd be very much aware of every single moment of all 4 teeth being pulled didn't thrill me. Turns out however, that the whole thing was just fine. My doctor had to fight two of the teeth out and actually cut one down in order to extract it, but they all came out and I live to tell the tale. I actually texted with my hubby in between teeth and laughed with my dentist as he joked around. It was all rather quick.Once they were all out I was on my merry way. Recovery has…


Oh insomnia. We meet again.In the immortal words of Charlie Brown. "Good grief!"Not sure why I keep experiencing these bouts of sleeplessness. It is (for lack of a better term) exhausting. I mean, I feel tired physically, but my eyes want to stay open and my mind wants to keep racing. Makes me think that I should read or something, but my brain doesn't want to compute.Maybe I'll give counting sheep a try.Wish me luck.