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Friday, December 19, 2014

Early Mornings

Early mornings all generally start for me with some degree of screaming.

Not mine. 


Bless her little heart, but Allee sure does know how to startle me right out of a dead sleep. Generally I'm not in the best of moods when it happens either. When I don't just leave her to fall back to sleep on her own I do go into her room and pick her up, just to put her right back in bed after rocking her a bit, but today was different. I took her out into the living room changed her diaper and we put on Disney Channel. Its been awhile since I've done this. takes me back to when I would do this with Elena. Generally I would be bleary eyed and sitting on the couch wrapped in blankets. Not much has changed in that respect. I am pitiful sight. Wrapped in two blankets with my hair plastered to the side of my head. 

On another note; This weekend we are celebrating Christmas early. We're heading to Georgia on Monday the 22nd and wanted to make sure that we celebrated Christmas before leaving town. It's for the best. Allee has been fixated on the presents. She's already torn the wrapping off of one of them. I'm just ready to get them unwrapped so they are no longer a temptation.

Well, I better go. Still need to get Elena up for school.

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