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Wisdom Teeth, Sleeplessness and an update on my Thyroid

My wisdom teeth all came out on Thursday morning. Honestly, it was MUCH easier than I expected.

You see, I was very scared. Why? Well, I wasn't being put under and there wouldn't be any 'laughing gas'. My dentist only administers a small dose of valium and local anesthetic shots. Typically a sedative never helps me. (Right now is a perfect example. I took a hydrocodone pain reliever before bed for post wisdom teeth pain and I am wired.) It seems that sedatives don't like me. Anyway, knowing that I'd be very much aware of every single moment of all 4 teeth being pulled didn't thrill me. Turns out however, that the whole thing was just fine. My doctor had to fight two of the teeth out and actually cut one down in order to extract it, but they all came out and I live to tell the tale. I actually texted with my hubby in between teeth and laughed with my dentist as he joked around. It was all rather quick.

Once they were all out I was on my merry way. Recovery has been easy. I stayed on the couch the rest of the day with gauze in my mouth. My doc said I wanted to get my blood to clot and wanted to avoid my blood pressure going up for any reason for the 1st 24 hrs to avoid bleeding more. After the first night I woke up and got Elena up for school. I then drove her, took a nap and then played with Allee the rest of the day. After Allees bath and getting the girls in bed I hung out with Jonathan and eventually went to sleep too. Well, all except for my darling Allee crying at 2 am and wanting me to hold her (which I am doing now.) Honestly though, it doesn't bother me because that stinkin pill has me jittery and very much awake. No complaints here. I would just rather be in bed.

On another note; 

My doctor updated me on my thyroid. Turns out I have a Multi-Nodular Goiter. It basically means my thyroid is enlarged and has two lumps on it. I am being referred to an Endocrinologist in the New Year to get tests done. 

So there it is. My life in a nutshell.

Now to get some sleep. I put Allee back in bed and she is NOT happy. 2 hours of my time in the middle of the night has gotta count for something though. Right? Hopefully she'll fall asleep. I am not going back in there. Sorry kiddo. 

G'night Folks.



  1. I'm glad your extraction went well. Is a goiter treatable? I'm still praying for you!

    1. I take a med called Synthroid. They hope it helps regulate the thyroid and shrink it down.

  2. Maria,
    This is Cara, I'm not sure if you remember me as it's been 4 years since we talked last. I know what you're going through with having a goiter. It's the pits, and weight gain is part of the game (unfortunately).
    Everything you are going throu emotionally, physically and mentally is due to having a goiter and being hypothyroid.
    Synthroid will not shrink your goiter, it may regulate your TSH levels, for a bit, but after a while, you may have to switch meds. all together.
    You might wind up having a total thyroidectomy, and that will make you gain a lot of weight, and it will not be due to lack of proper portions, exercise and not taking care of yourself. Do all you can to avoid having a thyroidectomy, because you will be pushed into a whole different world health wise than what you're used to. I know, because I had a total 10.5 years ago, due to my thyroid lobes being nothing but a big ole goiter. I will pray for you and your health.


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