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About a month ago I started feeling pain in my left leg. At first it felt like sciatic pain and a few days later I had some soreness in my hamstring that brought me to believe I pulled a muscle. It carried on back and forth like this until last Sunday morning.

When I awoke I couldn't move. The pain in my leg was so intense that I was unable to walk on it. My mother insisted we go to an urgent care. After an X ray we went home being told that I had a pinched nerve. Since I have had a pinched nerve before I found it hard to believe that this was really all that is going on, but opted to not question it.

9 days later I still have leg pain and difficulty walking. For a few days I would have horrible pain and have depended on my hubby and mom to help me move around.

Rewind to day 5 of this awful time of pain. I finally felt a bit or relief and decided I would reward myself with some pampering. The plan was a shower and a face mask while reading a book. My plans came to a screeching halt when my shower door shattered and I was rushed to the ER for 10 stitches. A couple of days after this I strained a back muscle and soreness ensued.

The light at the end of the tunnel is dim, but I am feeling improvement. My back hurts less and my stitches are healing. My left leg still hurts and has some permanent numbness that I need to pursue medical attention about, but I am walking more and more on it. Morning was especially difficult for my leg, but once I stretched it out a little bit and rested I felt better.

Losing my mobility was hard. The sharp pain was awful.

Honestly,  I didn't see an end in sight.

I know people have suffered worse than I have. I think this has provided  me perspective that no matter how hard things are, I can still be thankful that it isn't worse.

I find myself here on the couch with a book in my lap, dictating this post on my phone and enjoying a big fat cat squishing me. I feel thankful. God has provided me everything that I need during this time. My mom and my husband have been so instrumental in making sure that I am able to get where I need to go and eat. My mom & grandma have helped to take care of the girls too. I can never repay them for what they have done. I am just so blessed.


  1. I'm thankful things seem to be looking brighter. Question, though--how the hey did you shatter your shower door?

    1. Weeeeellll... I tried showering and the door wouldn't close. I asked Jonathan to close it. He then tried hitting it with his palm to pop it into the door jam and ..... it shattered into my leg.


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