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A mothers struggle.

Honestly. Had to vlog this moment. It happens WAY too often. LOL.

Week 2

I completed week 2 of It Works Hair Skin & Nails Supplement!

In the video below I say week 3, but that is not right. It's week 2! The results are amazing so far!!!

(if my face looks funny just ignore it) Here is a comparison from left to right. Day 1, Week 1 & Week 2!

If you are interested in this product you can contact my friend Kat here!


I have attempted to sit down and write a post about this lovely woman and I don't have the words. I didn't know Becky as long a most did, but the year and a half of being her friend really changed me. She exemplified being a Godly wife. She was BEYOND hospitable to me. When I took over facilitating our churchs' girls bible study she insisted we still meet at her house even though her daughter who was no longer leading it had moved away. It never seemed inconvenient to her to bake many lovely treats and give encouraging words of advice to our girls. She sweetly gave gifts and poured forth so much love on people. Her absence will be so greatly felt. It hurts.

Most of all we will feel it in the childrens ministry. She faithfully taught 2-3 year olds with her husband Dave for years and years. Randomly, one day in October 2014 I secretly took a video of her leading the 2-3 year olds in their "Cherub Choir". I am glad I did.

A great friend also posted a tribute to Bec…

Week 1

I have been taking my Hair Skin and Nails supplemented by It Works for one week. So far I am not sure if I see a difference, but it definitely feels good to be proactive towards trying to regain some the hair on the front of my head.
Thinning hair stinks!!  Typically I like to wear my hair parted off to the side with my bangs kind of sweeping across  my forehead. Over time it's become my forehead being completely exposed because my bangs are so thin. I can't wait until this product thickens my hair so that I can start experimenting with hairstyles. BELOW IS A COMPARISON IF WEEKS 1&2

Gearing up for Day 1.

This past week my friends Kat & Nick sent me a box. I was blessed to win their giveaway recently. The box contained a jar of pills by It Works! called 'Hair Skin and Nails'.
I have been curious about them for a little while. However, I didn't want to try them until I saw some people posting their results. Truth be told it's kind of hard it to know if pictures will do the product justice. It wasn't until Kat posted her own results that I became a believer. I definitely wanted to start taking the product, but wanted to be on my Synthroid for a little while. Here I am. Getting ready for Day 1. Here are my before pictures! They aren't the best pictures. Oh well. Here's hoping that I get some great results!! Check out Kat's Facebook for info. I have tried their wraps and love them!!