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24 days!!!!

I missed blogging the last few days. Elena got sick on Saturday and the two days following that got away from me. Honestly, today hasn't been much better, but I really wanted to get back into posting. So....Another thing or place I look forward to from our FL trip is;Walking through Hogwarts Castle on the way to the Forbidden Journey ride! Here are a few pics of standing in line outside of the castle and being inside.

28 days!!!!!

Honestly, one of the first things that I want to do when I get to Florida is go to the pool. I know that it's not a big deal for a lot of people, but I haven't been able to enjoy sitting by a pool for months. The last few times that I have been is with children. It's not always as exciting or relaxing for me as I would hope when I have to make sure that my girls are safe. I also don't really like going when there are children around that I am close to. I tend to worry about their safety as well. If I'm at a pool where I don't really know people it's a little easier for me to not be distracted. I like to be able to read a book on my Kindle or lay out in the Sun. Something relaxing and quiet that helps me to settle my mind.So yeah! I am looking forward to the pool at Cabana Bay!!

29 days!!!!

In 29 days we'll be on our way to Florida. I'm ridiculously excited about the prospect of walking into a resort on a nice summer day.Jonathan and I decided to stay at Cabana Bay in Orlando.
I'm definitely feeling pretty psyched about this!!
I know that there's a ton of features that I get to look forward to when it comes to the hotel itself. This video takes you on a tour of everything. Jonathan and I watched it one night. Oh my goodness it just makes me look forward to this trip even more!!!
Cabana Bay Tour Video!
Cabana Bay Beach Resort overview tour at Universal Orlando - Pool, Lobby...:


In exactly 30 days Jonathan and I will board a plane to celebrate out 10th wedding Anniversary in FL!!!!!!

I cannot WAIT!

As I mentioned in my vlog I want to do a special post each day during my countdown for my vacation. 
Day One is where we will be going!! 

We took a family vacation here in March of 2011 when Elena was just short of turning 5. I have been hoping to go back ever since. Jonathan and I had only been married a couple of months from 6 years at this point, but I remember us bantering about how our 10th anniversary would likely be spent at Universal over something like a Hawaii trip or a Cruise. It seemed more fitting to our personalities to stay in a park that revolves around geeking out on Harry Potter and Marvel!! Can I get a Nerdy Amen?!

Here we are with Hillary. She came along to help us with Elena. Lol. It was AWESOME! She was so helpful!!! We've since wised up and decided to take this trip without children. LOL. In our marr…

Vlogging It Up!

(Recorded this two days ago!)

Jonathan and Kurt One on One

Last year at our Family Game Night at the YMCA I was sick and didn't video their game. Kurt won. THIS YEAR however Jonathan won. 

This ever happen to you?

You've just written a beautifully composed post.
You're just about to post pictures to it. Suddenly, for some unknown reason your brain stops working and you close the window before hitting save!!! GAH!!!! This just happened. Ugh. My word! I cannot understand why I do this. It's not my 1st time. Trust me when I say that it won't be my last either. What can I say? I am clumsy! Ok. On to what my initial post WAS about. #1. I finally got my phone fixed. #2. My trip to FL had a date change. Let's start with this first shall we? #1. I finally got my phone fixed. I am beyond excited! Well, about having a working phone. The screen however is lacking in quality. I went to get another opinion about my perception of it's poor quality and it was confirmed that I am not crazy. The place I initially took my phone to did in fact do a poop job. I have talked to them a couple of times and they deny seeing any issues. I am hoping I can get them to fix it. So far they are …

7 days without my cellphone!

I broke my phone guys. Yup. I tripped trying to catch Allee as she ran away from me. Ugh..... It's bad enough that when she runs from me I can't get her to come back, but adding insult to injury by way of a $200 phone repair is just cruel! Thanks Universe! *sarcasm implied* Anyway, I didn't realize how disconnected I would feel from people without my phone. 5 of my closest friends are typically contacted daily via text & snaps.  3 of these friends don't even live in the state. Not being able to talk to them is awful. I miss them even more. My local friends hear from me when I see them at church, but now that is just once a week (if they come at all). If I am lucky it's twice. With everyone being sick however it's been 0. The contact with fellow moms is so important to me. I thrive on it. Now I feel like I am isolated. This of course doesn't include the friends that I am fortunate enough to see through the week. The NERDS luckily come over on Tuesdays…


Honestly, this is way too exciting for me. LOL. Boom. I’m Top 10 in Coffee In West Virginia, March 2015 on #QuizUp!

Stomach Bug

The past two weeks have been a thread of people in my house being sick with the stomach flu. This is why you have not seen a Week 3 Hair Skin and Nails update from me. Nor have you really seen much blogging on my part. Most of it has been taking care of little ones, but just a few days ago it was me getting it. Yep. I finally caught it. It feels as though it's been ongoing for the past few days. It's not quite hit me hard so it's been lingering symptoms. Mostly nausea. Almost feels like morning sickness again. No. That is NOT a pregnancy announcement. Lol. Yuck. I feel gross though. I have taken to Vlogging the past few days. It's made getting my thoughts out a lot easier. I haven't really had much time to sit down and write so I've recorded myself talking instead. It seems like the easiest option lately. Currently for example I am in my bed wrapped up in blankets trying to let a wave of nausea pass before I get back to cleaning. I figured I could dictate this…