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7 days without my cellphone!

I broke my phone guys.
I tripped trying to catch Allee as she ran away from me.
It's bad enough that when she runs from me I can't get her to come back, but adding insult to injury by way of a $200 phone repair is just cruel!
Thanks Universe! *sarcasm implied*
Anyway, I didn't realize how disconnected I would feel from people without my phone. 5 of my closest friends are typically contacted daily via text & snaps.
 3 of these friends don't even live in the state. Not being able to talk to them is awful. I miss them even more. My local friends hear from me when I see them at church, but now that is just once a week (if they come at all). If I am lucky it's twice. With everyone being sick however it's been 0. The contact with fellow moms is so important to me. I thrive on it. Now I feel like I am isolated. This of course doesn't include the friends that I am fortunate enough to see through the week. The NERDS luckily come over on Tuesdays for The Flash which helps. Granted, the show has taken a 3 week break, but we did have Nerd Night recently!
I suppose what I miss is the things that my friends and I talk about. We keep each other accountable to reading our Bibles and we are able to reach out to each other for prayer and advice. Now that my phone is out of commission I don't have that option.
I hope you don't think I am whining. I mean, honestly it doesn't matter I guess. I just look forward to being connected through the daily routine I have grown accustomed to.
Yes, not having a phone is strangely liberating because I don't feel the need for the internet all that much, but the cost is a bit higher than I prefer when it comes to feeling connected to my dear friends. Not having my camera at hand stinks too. There have been so many "Kodak Moments" that I have missed this week.
LOL. I digress.
Hoping you are blessed today.


  1. Isn't it amazing how much our social life is tied into those phones? It's hard to imagine that we could leave our home and not hear from anyone or that we had to pay through the nose to talk to people who didn't live close to us, etc.

    Sometimes, I secretly wish I could get rid of mine...


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